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Your Living Space Doesn’t Require Undergoing a Full-Blown Overhaul

Being arguably one of the most important spaces in your home, your living area is something where anyone first would like to rest their eyes whether it’s your guest or you yourself. Right from family gatherings to enjoying on a Saturday afternoon, gearing up for a cocktail party, a book club get-together, or a Game of Thrones binge night, we all want our living areas to look and feel at its absolute best making socializing enjoyable. But does it mean to spend extravagantly? Probably not!

The moment you feel your living area uninspiring and stale, it’s time you must consider offering it a makeover. Well, giving a makeover doesn’t mean you have to warrant a full redesign which turns into a serious money pit. You can even consider a few of these easy hacks and tricks that will end up offering best possible outcomes or else you can connect with a reputable professional who has survived countless experiences over the years when it comes to living room interior design.

The Solution

All you need to do is give your space a much-needed refresh without having to spend a single dime. It might sound difficult at first but trust me it is doable. First and foremost is cutting out the clutter. Before you add anything to your living space make sure you have subtracted all the unnecessary accessories.

Of course, there are times when one can make space feel brand-new simply by decluttering which make space feel tired. Keep those accessories which you truly love and admire. Over-time rooms can become cramped and muddled, one simplest action of yours can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the room. Other designing tips include:

#1 Let there be some light

When you are designing a space for living rooms, it has to look spacious. So even if the size is small, one can maximize their space with the help of large windows, light-colored walls and ample use of mirrors. These tools won’t just reflect natural light pouring in from the doors but also provides an optical illusion of space, making the room seem larger than it actually is. On the contrary, using dark colors will make the room feel smaller and add boxed-in feel to it.

If you have a room with a more limited amount of natural light, mirrors can be placed directly across from the windows. This will add instant light. Several homes are seen making use of decorative mirrors adding both light and dimension.

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#2 Conversational circle

Have you ever faced a situation where your event doesn’t require anyone to face in the same direction? So during such situations arrange the seating area in a circular form. Apart from the general sitting arrangement, this setup will work wonders for book club meetings and gatherings where casual conversation is the main draw. Add a roundtable at the center for drinks and snacks.

In fact, several studies suggest that people are more drawn to circles and softer organic shapes because rounded edges are pretty much perceived as less dangerous than the sharp ones. With a set of chairs around a circular coffee table or a large tufted ottoman you can create a feel of safety, comfort, and inclusiveness.

#3 Stuffy arrangement with asymmetry

Gone are the days when switching up the whole feeling of your room seemed next to impossible. At present without even purchasing a new set of furnishing products, you can change the look of your space. Change the existing seating arrangement from a symmetrical to an asymmetrical arrangement and vice versa.

In fact, several interior designers believe that symmetry gives a sense of wholeness and completeness, whereas asymmetry makes you think a little more because it’s not as common as symmetry.

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#4 Living room without a sofa

There is no interior design law which says that your living room requires containing a sofa. You can think of a room comprising of an entrance, a window or a television replacing the need for a sofa. How about having a daybed and two armless chairs face each other over a narrow coffee table. The combination turns out to be pretty unusual, isn’t it?

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#5 Do not avoid the dead corners

Whether you have a modular-style sofa or fireplace, mantle, bench seat or console, think of placing it in the corner of your living space. Many times corners end up as voids and dead zones so never let that happen! Put the aforementioned items to good use. Other than these, you can even bring the outdoors in by incorporating a lush, tall plant.

So what are you waiting for chin up, go through a bunch of living room interior designs and create a space where you can let your guard and cherish moments with your loved ones like never before.

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