Turtle day - May 23

World Turtle Day – May 23

Since 2000, World Turtle Day is celebrated world-wide on May 23 to bring attention and increase knowledge and respect for Tortoises or turtles. In 2000, celebration of this day is sponsored by American Tortoise Rescue.

This day celebrated many ways globally. People of Turtle NGOs and organizations are dressing up to look like turtles. They also save turtles which caught on highways. They also take part for research activities. Some associations plans to inform people about turtles and hold seminars for general people.

American Tortoise Rescue:

American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) is founded on 1990. ATR is an organization which started to celebrate World Turtle Day as a sponsor. Since 1990, ATR has rescued more than 3000 tortoises and also facilitate turtles to the caring homes.

In 2013, ATR plans to teach student about Turtles and then more than 160 turtle day lessons was sent to class room to teach more than 5500 students. For this mission of ATR, Turtle and Tortoise prevention group (TTPG) also helps for lessons. TTPG is a well-known name because this organization is open for all people which are interested for chelonians.

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