World Thalassemia Day – May 8

Thalassemia Day - May 9

Every years on 8th May, World Thalassemia Day is observed to aware people for Thalassemia Disease globally. People comes to know all the preventive measures and cures for Thalassemia. They also learn how to avoid its spread from one people to another. The main mission to observe this day is to remove and cure 100% of Thalassemia Disease from the world.

On behalf of many number of organizations who are working for the purpose of Thalassemia cure, we suggest people to test of Thalassemia before their marriage so that we cannot get issue of genetic from the families.

What is Thalassemia Disease?

Thalassemia is a type of blood disorder with an autosomal recessive blood problem by which people suffer a lot from one generation to the next generation. From this disease, the blood getting weak every time and then destroy the Red Blood Cells. Then it makes the negative effects of the Hemoglobin Formation. From Thalassemia, we get problems in our body like Bone weakness, Iron overloaded, jaundice, Puberty delation, and illnesses of the Cardiovascular, Bones, Cheeks and Liver Enlargement and many types of problems.

Types of Thalassemia:

  • Alpha Thalassemia
  • Beta Thalassemia
  • Delta Thalassemia


There are 3 to 4% of people all over the world suffering from Thalassemia. In most of the cases, this disease is found in the children. We can cure thalassemia by the Transfusion of the Blood, Supplement of Vitamin B, therapy of Blood Chelation and many more ways. This disease cannot totally prevented but we can decrease the number of patients by pre-marriage thalassemia test.

These are the basic information for why and how Thalassemia Day is observed as a World Thalassemia Day on May 8.

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