World Telecommunication and Information Society Day on May 17

Telecommunication & Information society day - May 17

World Telecommunication Day:

17th may is known as world telecommunication day previously to observe the establishment of International Telecommunication Union from 1865. In 1973, it was introduced by the Plenipotentiary Conference in Malagasy. The main objective of these day is to raise the awareness of new technology and internet.

World Telecommunication Day celebrate is a very important for our lives. The main objective of this day is to highlight the importance of telecommunication. This day is directly connected to the international telegraph union which is formed in year 1865 to support the method of the communication.

World Information Society Day:

In November 2005, the WSIS(World Summit on the Information Society) declare 17th may as a World Information Society Day at United Nations General Assembly. The main aim to observe this day is to focus on importance of issues related the information society raised by WSIS.

World Information Society Day aware the people of information and communication and to build the societies in which the people create, use and share the information and knowledge. UNESCO take the part in this day by invite people to engage in different activities to achieve the people potential.

In November 2006, a conference related to ITU Plenipotentiary held in Turkey decided to observe both day on 17th May as World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

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