Ocean Day - June 8

World Ocean Day Observed on June 8

Every year, on June 8, World Ocean Day is celebrated all over the world. In 1992, at Rio, Brazil at the Earth Summit by United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) celebration of this day is proposed by Canada’ International Center for Ocean Development (ICOD) and the ocean Institute of Canada(OIC).  At that time World Commission on Environment and Development provided encouragement to celebrate global Ocean day. Then the first World Ocean Day is celebrated in 1992.  Before 1992, World Ocean Day is celebrated unofficially by many countries.

In 2008, United Nations officially recognized June 8 as WorEarth Summitld Ocean Day. Since 2002, more than 2000 organizations, World Ocean Network and Association of Zoos and Aquariums promote World Ocean Day. They also led a 3 year global petition movement to officially recognize World Ocean Day by UN.

Purpose of World Ocean Day:

The main purpose to celebrate World Ocean Day to protect, to conserve and to honor the world’s Oceans. Because Oceans provide us many resources and services like food source, oxygen, climate regulation, medicine and many more. Every Year, United Nations observe this day as Theme based celebration. This year’s theme to observe this day is “Our Ocean, Our Future”. The main focus of this year to celebrate ocean day is the protective action on encouraging solutions to plastic pollution. UN’s focus is also to prevent marine litter for a better and healthier future. This year Ocean Day is concur with United Nations Ocean Conference.

June 8 is also Observed as World Brain Tumor Day

Every year, there are lots of events, conferences and seminars are planned globally to protect and to prevent our oceans. In some place Organizations launching new events, campaign and initiatives. In some place special events are planned on zoos and aquariums or outdoor places like beaches and shores. Some initiatives like aquatic and cleanup beaches, sustainable see foods events, film festivals. Art contests and educational and conservation action program.

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