No Tobacco Day - May 31

World No Tobacco Day – 31st May

Every year, on May 31, World No Tobacco Day is observed. This day is intended to keep away from all forms of Tobacco all over the world.  This day is started to observe from 1987 by WHO (World Health Organization).

Tobacco day is also intended to draw attention to the common incidence of tobacco use and how its negative health effects. Every year more than 60 lacs of people are dying due to use of Tobacco.

In 1987, World Health Assembly of WHO passed a resolution for April 7 to observe World No-smoking Day just to urge Smokers to keep away from smoking for a day. But in next year, 1988, World Health Assembly again passed a resolution to observe World no-Smoking day as a World no Tobacco Day on May 31. After that, WHO every year support an observe World No Tobacco Day on May 31 and request all tobacco chewers, smokers and tobacco addicts to keep away from it only for 24 hours.

In 1998, World Health Organization (WHO) established the Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) to focus on global health for negative health effects due to Tobacco.

In 2003, FCTC or Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was started by WHO as a Global publish Health Contract world-wide to implement policies that cease tobacco.

In 2008, on World No Tobacco Day, WHO started an initiative called “Tobacco Free Youth”. WHO also request to all countries to ban all kind of Tobacco Ads, sponsorship and promotion globally.

In 2015, on this day, WHO highlighted the health risks due to tobacco use and also support for effective policies to reduce Tobacco consumption. This policies also includes ending the illicit trade of Tobacco products.

Every Year, World Health Organization, initiate a theme to observe with a particular cause. This year, in 2017, the theme is “Tobacco – A threat To Development”.

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