Migratory Bird Day - May 10

World Migratory Bird Day – May 10

International Migratory Bird Day is celebrated on the second weekend of the month of May. It was established by United Nations in 2006. But now, this day is celebrated on 10th May. This event was founded as an effort of United Nation’s Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Water birds for raising cognizance of the migratory relations between regions of the globe. Then this day events have been held in 118 nations every year. Each year, the UN reveals a uniting theme for official events. This year’s theme is Stopover Sites: Helping bird along the way.

This initiative of UN bring awareness on conserving migratory birds and their habitats. In US and Canada, World Migratory Bird Day is observed on second Saturday of May. In Mexico, Caribbean countries and South and Central America, this day is celebrated on second Saturday of October.

Celebration of World Bird Day:

International Bird Day is celebrated every year officially on April 13. But in many countries, it is observed on May 4. First time World Bird Day is celebrated on 1894 by Charles Almanzo Babcock. The main intention to celebrate this day is to advance bird conservation as a moral value.

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