Fathers' Day

World Father’s Day – June 18

In many countries, every year on the 3rd Sunday of the month of June, Word Father’s Day is celebrated. This day is celebrate to honor our father and the influence of fathers’ in our society. This day has been celebrated on 18th June every year in middle ages.

Celebration of World Father’s Day is started by Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America. But in many countries in Europe and America’s celebrated this day on 3rd Sunday of June. This day is celebrated in different dates by many countries. But the most common celebration months is March, May and June. The celebration of this day is observed in more than 40 countries all over the world on 3rd Sunday of June every year.

There is no need of any specific day to celebrate fathers’ day because father is the leader of our family. The importance of father cannot ignore because he is the person who is always ready to take every troubles for his families. Father is a person who works just to fulfill all the dreams and requirements of his families. We cannot measure the amount of his struggle and sacrifice.

World Mothers’ Day

In India, for a person Family is everything and for the father family means happiness. In the Hindu religion, there are lot of examples to prove the purity of father’s love towards his children especially for daughters. Father is a person who is the first love of his Daughter and first hero of his Son. Father is another name of sacrifice.

Happy Families’ Day

We, the team of Columnyst.com, request all of our readers to love your father more and more. Because our father needs us more than anything else. Most of the people don’t love their parents after they turned to gray hair. At the Old age, our parents needs more of our support and love. With the help of our father’s perspiration, hard work and sacrifice, we can get a better shelter. He build a beautiful house for us. With love and happiness of our father and mother, our house made to home. And after so many years, that home became old home but it needs their real honor. Remember, Old Homes are better and happier than Old Age homes. So keep our parents in our hearts not in Old Age Homes.

Global Parents’ Day

Wishing You All A Very Happy Fathers’ Day and Salute The Father from the team of Columnyst.com

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