Environment Day

World Environment Day – June 5

We all know very well that every year on June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated all over the world. This initiative is started by United Nations in 1974 to encourage and to aware all over the world for protection of our environment. There are lot of environmental issues already going on since more than 50 years like global warming and marine pollution, Wildlife crime and sustainable consumption. Every year with more than 150 countries’ participation to celebrate World environment day, this day become a global platform to public outreach.

World Environment Day Theme 2017:

United Nations celebrate World Environment Day every year with different purpose of theme to save the environment. The theme for this year 2017 is “Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator”. Every year new themes is adopted globally by all major NGOs, corporations, communities, celebrities and governments to protect environment. At the time of first observance by United Nations, the theme was “Only One Earth” in 1974. And from the 1987, United Nations decided to celebrate this day every on different countries hosting. This year celebration of this day is hosting by Canada.

Anthem of World Environment Day:

To celebrate World Environment Day, an Earth poem/Anthem is written by poet Abhay K. and also sung by him. This anthem is launched in June, 2013 on World Environment Day by Kapil Sibbal and Shashi Tharoor who were the Union minister of Indian governments at that time. The main function to launch this anthem is organized by the Indian Council of Cultural Relation in New Delhi. This anthem is supported by the global organization i.e. Habitat For Humanity.

Go Green

Save The Earth:

We guys (The team of Columnyst.com) always support environment and request you all guys to please save the earth. We must do something to save our earth and environment. At least we must take an oath on this day to grow a trees on any kind of happy occasion like birth day, anniversary, Study Results, etc. Even we request you all lovers who spend their time in garden under the tress that you must grow a trees when you are dating. We must take oaths no to pollute environment, water and many things. We also supports the Clean India Campaign of Indian Government. Because cleanliness is also a part to take clean air. And it ultimately help environment.

We also request you to celebrate this day with going green like us. We guys every year going green on Earth Day, Environment Day and birth day celebrations of our team member. On every occasion we all team grow a trees per person and also challenge the public to grow a tree. .

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These are the some basic deed we should do to celebrate this day and to save the earth. Choice is yours. We have to decide whether we want to live on this earth forever or whether we wait for a dooms day because of global warming.

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