clubfoot day - June 3

World Clubfoot Day Observed on June 3

Every year, on June 3, World club foot day is observed globally. This day is introduced in the year 2013 by Ponseti International Association. The main reason to choose this date is following the signing of Clubfoot declaration held in USA in Lowa city during 2nd International Clubfoot Symposium. The date observes the birthday of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti who was the developer of the Ponseti Method to treat clubfoot.

clubfoot day - June 3

Aim To Observe World Clubfoot Day

The main aim of World Clubfoot Day is to raise awareness for the people about clubfoot disability and its avoidance using the Ponseti Method. This method is a non-surgical treatment that includes calm operation of the feet followed by the application of plaster casts and bracing which remains for temporary. The Ponseti Method is nearly 100% preventive when appropriately applied by a well-trained health care provider. This method is considered as the “gold standard” treatment which leads a normal and productive life.


Clubfoot is the most common musculoskeletal birth defect. Every year clubfoot affects more than 200,000 newborn children each year. And most of them in developing countries. There are also lacs of children and young ones who are already living with clubfoot worldwide.

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