Blood Donor Day - June 14

World Blood Donor Day – June 14


Every year on June 14, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated all over the world. This day is started to celebrate in 2004.These day is celebrated on the day of birthday of KARL LANDSTEINER. The main aim to celebrate this day is to raise awareness for safe blood and its need globally. On this day, event organizer also thank all blood donor for their life-saving gifts of blood.

There are eight official global health campaign and World Donor Day is one among them.  Those campaigns are World No Tobacco Day, World Health Day, World Tuberculosis Day, World Malaria Day, World AIDS Day, World Immunization Week, and World Hepatitis Day.

Blood Donor Day 1- June 14

We all know that Transfusion of blood and blood products helps save millions of lives every year. It always helps people who suffers from life-threating conditions for their long life. Safe blood also plays a life-saving role for maternal and perinatal care and also helps to reduce rates of death and disabilities because of too much bleeding during and after child birth.

There is too many countries where the supply of blood is not safe or an adequate, and also a challenge to find a qualitative blood or a safe blood.

A sufficient supply of blood is possible through the regular donation of blood by the unpaid blood donors. The main goal of WHO’s is to supply bloods from an unpaid donors by 2014,there is 60 countries have their own national blood supplies but still 73 countries are largely dependent on their family or friends.

It is important of timely access of safe blood for all the countries to saves a lives. According to the survey there is 800 women die every day due to the pregnancy complications. So save the lives by providing the safe blood.


These theme is focus on donation of blood in an emergency situation. When an emergency happens the first response is what can I do? And the answer is “GIVE BLOOD, GIVE NOW, GIVE OFTEN “by WHO.

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