biodiversity day - 22 may

World Biological Diversity Day – May 22

International Biological Diversity day is also known as World Biodiversity day. This day is observed globally on 22nd May started by United Nations to promote biodiversity issues. At first time to many years it was observed on Month of December. After that date is shifted to May 22 in 1992.

World biodiversity day is a larger initiative by United Nations world-wide as an international cooperation which promote sustainable agriculture, land degradation, drought and desertification. It also promote water, sanitation, energy, health, sustainable development, science, technology and innovation for biological diversity. This initiative also promote capacity building, knowledge sharing, sustainable transport, urban resilience, climate change, oceans, seas, forests, disaster risk reduction and food security for biodiversity.

From 2002, every year United Nations declared theme to observe this day to celebrate and to promote biodiversity issues. This year, theme is Biodiversity and sustainable tourism to promote biological diversity.

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