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Why Select a Wall Tile Over Paint?

Having tiles in the house as a decor is one of the common things. Tiles have a decent and simple look and are used by everyone these days in their house. In early times people only preferred wall paints as they were not able to afford the tiles and also they were not aware of the proper use of the tiles. But at present, both things are doing well and everyone has their own choice for selecting which one to choose.  At present, there are many wall tiles exporters in India that deal in different varieties of tiles. But here are some of the reasons that justify that why one should use tile over paint.

Low Maintenance

There is an only one-time investment in tiles after that the owner doesn’t need to worry about its maintenance as it doesn’t include a high amount of costs to keep it clean. Putting tiles in the home is a very easy task as they are not required to change after a period of time, but if someone is using wall paint he/she needs to repaint the walls and it demands some amount of expense that needs to be spent after that time period.

Wide Range of Variety

Tiles have different varieties for every home type and every room type. It depends upon the customer and their choice. There are different types of color, choices, patterns, and sizes that one can select. Also, there are many wall tiles exporters that deal with an awesome variety of tiles. One can definitely choose best tiles for their room or kitchen or bathroom according to their choice and looks.

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Not every paint is waterproof, many times people are not aware of the fact that not every paint is waterproof and they make the look of the wall ugly and the moment paint comes in contact with water, it makes the paint lose its color and it gives a very dirty look , but there is no such problem with tiles. Tiles are made up of waterproof materials and are easily taken care of that’s why many people prefer tiles in the bathroom as they are waterproof and there are no worries for accidentally destroying the tiles. You can also contact wall tiles exporters for best waterproof tiles.

Environment Friendly

Tiles don’t harm the environment as it has a solid surface and also they are usually made of materials like stones, concrete, marbles, granite that don’t have any chemicals mixed in it. But many paints have harmful chemicals mixed in it and they have a bad odor. These paints often harm other people and the chemicals that are mixed are injurious for health also. So prefer using tiles over paints as also don’t attract any dirt particles on it which is a very nice advantage. There are a large number of wall tiles exporters that deal with supplying the best of environment-friendly tiles


Tiles are durable and last long for years. If someone decide to put tiles at the home or office, this is the right decision because there is no responsibility of changing these tiles after a period of time. They are made of long-lasting materials unless they are forced to be broken. Wall paints need to be maintained and keep clean and it is a very difficult task to do so because light color paints get dirty easily and it gives a bad look to the walls. So one should always think before choosing anything to be placed in their homes.

Reduces Workload

If a person has tiles placed in his house he is almost free of tension because like paints tiles don’t need to be taken care of every time. Paint colors have to be taken care off easily because there are possible chances that the walls with paints will get dirty easily and on the other hand walls with tiles gives a very smart look and there is no need to clean the tiles again and again . one can contact the best wall tiles exporters to get durable and reasonable tiles and keep your workload less as compared to the wall paint.

Resistance to Stain-

Yes, tiles are resistant to stain and it is the truth that one can test this thing and believe this. Paints have a possibility of getting the walls dirty easily and the sad thing is there is no solution to this thing you have to repaint the wall again to give it a very nice look, but if we talk about tiles it depends on our usage how long we want to use the tiles. There is no doubt that tiles don’t catch stains easily and they maintain the look of the house and are long-lasting. Wall tiles exporters in Delhi supplies best of stain resistant tiles at a good price so one should definitely think before making changes at their place because a wise decision once taken gives benefits for a long time.

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