What is Difference between Wood Shutter and Composite Shutters

Shutters for home decor

Shutters are used for multiple purposes in homes. They come in multiple designs and properties that define they preference and appearance on different properties. Some of the materials used to make shutters include composite, aluminium, wood and other metals. Each offers unique differences and advantages that will define your experience in the short and long term. They will also affect the price you pay for the shutters.

What is Composite Shutters

The other name used for composite shutters is engineered. They have borrowed their name from the fact that they are designed to look like wood but is made of synthetic materials. The idea is to give you the classic feel that comes with wood while eliminating the disadvantages of associated with wood. The appearance is also enhanced to give you more variety compared to what wood offers.

composite shutter

Advantages of Using Composite Shutter:

  • Variety – because the material is engineered, you have a chance to get multiple colors and textures. This increases the chance of getting the shutter you want for your house.
  • Durability– engineering of the wood enhances its properties. One of the challenges with wood is the fact that it succumbs to weather which makes it less durable. With the use of composite, this vulnerability is eliminated. It makes composite more durable than ordinary wood even when treated.
  • Strength– composite materials come in different strengths. This provides variety to ensure that you are not forced to buy the strong composite yet you are not buying the shutters for security purposes. When you need shutters that are strong enough to provide security, you will still find them. This variety therefore delivers value for money.
  • Adaptability– composite can be used on any environment. It fits places with high humidity and where the weather is hot. This makes the material dynamic and therefore adaptable to the environment where it is used. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Price– engineered composite is more affordable than the other materials used to make shutters. Compared to wood, they will give you better value for money. Considering their durability, you are guaranteed long term value. They are not damaged easily and will not require regular replacement.

Composite has own disadvantages that include the fact that they are engineered and will therefore not deliver the exact performance you would expect. Exposure to the sun for a prolonged period may make the material brittle to the point of breaking easily. However, they are considered some of the most versatile shutters you can consider for your home.

What is Wood Shutters

Wood is the original material used in manufacture of shutters. It gives you home a natural and warm appearance that cannot be compared to any other material. The classic feel that comes with wood cannot be obtained by the use of any other material. Here are the advantages of using wooden shutters over the other materials in the market.

Wood shutter

  • Strength– this is the strongest material for use in manufacture of shutters. The shutters are made stronger by using mortise and tenon joint which protects the shutters from cracking.
  • Customizable-the shutters are easily available in personalized louvers, rails and stiles. This means that they can be cut to size to fit any window size and shape. They are therefore flexible and easy for use to deliver your expectations.
  • Colorful– the shutters are available in natural wood colors that are dark, light or medium. They can also be stained into different shades to match the other features of your house. This is one of the features that make wooden shutters extremely attractive.
  • Easy to maintain– wood is natural and does not easily get damaged by prevailing conditions. Maintenance requirements are as simple as regular wiping and painting to make the shutters water resistant. This happens once in a while, making it the best the cheapest material to maintain.
  • Environmentally friendly– wood is natural. It means that the process of manufacture does not lead to any environmental damage. This makes wood shutters the most environmentally friendly shutters in the market. You will be constructing a house using sustainable materials.
  • Affordable– wood is easily available and affordable. Even when wood has been treated or stained, the price is still reasonably low. You also have different wood varieties that vary in price. This means that you will always get wood that is within your budgetary allocation.

    Wood is preferred because it can be modified at home to meet individual needs. Engineered materials are difficult to modify because they are pre-manufactured. Wood on the other hand can easily be modified and is therefore preferred.

What are the factors to consider when installing shutters?

Once installed, shutters become permanent features in your house. You therefore need to be cautious when installing them to avoid costly mistakes that would lead to inefficiencies. Consider the following tips when installing shutters.

  • Temperature control– shutters are partly used to keep away direct sun from interior spaces without blocking free air circulation. One of the tips on how Improve Your Home’s temperature control is to install shutters. Composite effectively keeps away heat from your interior. Wood is also as effective as composite. This leaves you spoilt of choice on the type of shutters to use.
  • Versatility– shutters are supposed to complement the design and appearance of the house. With each home owner having a unique idea, you need options that will match your expectations. Composite, wood and vinyl offer the flexibility you require.
  • Price– price should be considered on short and long term basis. While it might be affordable to buy shutters initially, long term repair, replacement and maintenance might add to the cost. Ensure that you get good value for money in the long term.
  • Installation– the quality of installation determines the quality of services you get from shutters. Consult a professional to ensure that your installation is professionally done. This will protect your shutters from frequent breakdown which makes them expensive to maintain.

Since shutters are installed in residential areas, child safety must be a concern. The material should be healthy for children by virtue of protecting them from allergies. The edges should also not expose children to cuts when they come into contact with the shutters. With professional installation, your shutters will guarantee value for money.

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