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Top Advice To Cook Your Favorite Foods In Healthy Fashion

All of us love to eat, but not everyone loves to cook. Here are 10 tips to help you cook quickly and efficiently throughout the rest of your life.

  1. Prepare A Weekly Meal Plan
    This will give you an ample time to think of meals that you would want to eat for the week. After you list down the necessary items needed for the next two weeks, go hit the supermarket. Remember to include herbs and spices that you’d love to have.
  2. Include Veggies In Your Recipes
    Don’t go on panic buying, only buy veggies on a weekly basis. Leafy veggies will stay fresh within three days only. After that, the leaves will turn into yellow. That would be a waste of money.If your feeding vegies to your toddler, you may mash it and include it in their favorite dish. Be creative in your presentation, this way you will entice them to try it. And don’t get frustrated when they don’t eat it during your first attempt. Experts say, that you have to show new food to your toddler for at least twenty times.
  3. Buy Aromatic Vegetables

    Try celery, carrots and rosemary. These will give an inviting aroma into your home cooked meals.

  4. Don’t Throw Those Veggie Peels
    Do you know that you can actually make a tasty soup out of carrot and garlic peels? Just add cream and milk in it, season with salt, boil it in low medium heat. And voila! There you have a soup of the day. Perfect for rainy days. You can even reheat it in an instant pot the following day.
    This is so much better than buying premixed soup packs in the grocery store.
  5. Make Your Own Juice
    Instead of buying ready made Juices, how about buying fruits such as papaya, ripe mangoes, pineapples and shake it at home. It has a happy color that attracts kids. Or just choose their preferred fruit. Try also fruits in season since its cheaper.
  6. Choose A Good Meat
    Always use your senses when buying meat, if you plan to buy in a wet market make sure that you personally handpicked each meat before being weighed. Some vendors tend to include bad meat. Remember that if it has a funny smell don’t consume it anymore. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  7. Know The Basic Food Handling
    It is smart to know the basic ones, such as chicken’s shelf life is from one to two days only, but can last up to one year when properly kept in the freezer. It is important to use separate chopping board for raw chicken, since it’s prone to salmonella contamination.When buying pork , don’t get easily persuaded when offered cheaper price. There might be something fishy about it. Try to smell it, if your not comfortable with it, then don’t buy. A good indicator if the meat is from an old hog is if the fatty part is already thicker that the usual. Believe me you will not like it’s taste.
    For fish, if it’s eyes are already red “bloody eyed fishes” chances are it’s not fresh anymore. When buying tuna, choose the meat that has a colorful rainbow in it. That’s the freshness indicator. You may forgo buying died red odd cuts tuna that are placed inside a cellophane, unless it is for frying such as fish fillets.
  8. Try Color Coding In The Kitchen
    If you’re a visual person, try color coding your kitchen tools. Such as blue for fish, yellow for chicken and red for red meat – pork, beef, lamb, goat meat etc. Once you’ve used a chopping board in slicing raw chicken, then don’t ever use it in cutting veggies.
  9. Marinate Ahead
    Before you put meat in the freezer, portion them according to your preference. And then, you can marinate them into different flavors- like Lemon Lime, paprika, barbecue marinade, you can never go wrong with the classic salt and pepper.Try brining pork meat , immerse the meat in salty water for 7 – 24 days. This will make the pork tasty, especially for lean cuts like pork loin and even for pork chops. Put it in the chiller, this will allow the meat to absorb the salt.
  10. Maximize Available Cooking Gadgets
    Always in a rush? You may consider buying an instant pot. This kitchen tool helps you cook your pre-planned meal in an instant. It’s just a single tool but it can already cook hundreds of different meals for you and your family.

You just mix the ingredients and leave it while you do other household chores. It’s like having an automatic washing machine, drop the ingredients and leave it till it boils. It’s an investment you’ll never regret having.

Having one makes your time worthwhile. A best friend in the kitchen. It may be pricey for now, but it will save you lots of time and money in the future.

So there you have the tips and tricks in preparing healthy meals. Continue to learn more on how to be a better cook. Enjoy you meals!

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