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Top 5 Spring Home Improvements and Safety Measures to Follow

There’s no season quite like spring. It’s a time for nature to rejuvenate itself and show off all of its most creative colours. Humans usually follow in its track as well. Spring cleaning and renovation are extremely common traditions. There’s something about spring that makes us want to change things up a bit. Your home is the first place to start. There are lots of ways to improve and fix your home, but you have to be careful, home improvement isn’t the safest activity. Here are some things to look out for.

1. Landscaping
After the harshness of winter has passed, it’s time to take a look at your garden and decide how to resurrect it. Knowing what to do with a fresh start isn’t as easy as it seems. Where do you start from? When most people think of spring, the first thing that comes to mind is a colourful display of flowers. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful lawn coated with spring blossoms? Unfortunately, having your own little versatile botanical garden doesn’t just take a lot of time, it can cost you a whole heap of money.


Individual plants don’t cost too much, but they can really add up. From a base price of about five to fifteen dollars, it’s not exactly a sound investment. If you want to get more bang for your buck, there are ways to mitigate the price. For starters, don’t buy already established plants, consider buying seeds and letting the plants grow out. Mow the lawn and trim some hedges and your garden will be rejuvenated with minimal landscaping. Gardening isn’t naïve work, though. There are lots of plants and insects that can cause small injuries or allergic reactions, so make sure you get some thick gloves to protect your hands while you work on it.

2. Fixing the driveway
When winter rolls around, all the snow and salt take their toll on your driveway. It’s going to be spring soon and it might be time to show it some love. Since the driveway is made from asphalt, fixing it should be as easy as just pouring another layer on top of it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. What you need to focus on most is the foundation of the driveway, it can be almost as important as the top layers.

Fixing Driveaway

You’re going to need some heavy equipment to dig through it and set a new base layer of material. Once that’s over with, you can now set a correct amount of filling material and finish it up. It’s not exactly something you can do alone, which is why hiring professionals is recommended. There’s a high risk of injury even if you take the necessary precautions.

3. Redoing the deck
Spring brings us more than just flowers, it also brings us new cooking opportunities. Barbecue season is nigh and it’s time to redo the deck you’re going to use to cook. If you don’t have prior experience with renovating your deck, you’re going to have to be careful. It might be called a deck renovation, but what you might actually be doing is some rebuilding. You can call in a contractor to do the job for you, but that might cost you a pretty penny.

Redoing Deck

A DIY solution is always an option, but it should be done with care. Decks are rife with unexpected hazards. Underneath your old deck, you could find various moulds that might not be healthy to inhale. Splintered wood and stray nails are not going to be pleasant obstacles. Gloves and protected boots are recommended

4. Renovating the walls
There’s nothing that freshens a home up like changing the floor plan. Sometimes you want a bit more space between the kitchen and the living room, while other times you might want to create your own little enclosure. Tearing down walls and bringing them up isn’t the easiest task. You have to watch out for load-bearing walls and check for various other things like electrical wires and plumbing. Safety is absolutely necessary when you start tearing them down. Chunks of the wall aren’t going to go down easy, they can easily cause injury. It would be wise if you wore protective glove and steel cap boots to protect yourself from stray pieces.

Renovating Walls

Now that you have a new wall configuration, their colour might start looking a little dull. It’s always fun repainting walls, especially ones you brought up yourself. Try to aim for something that contrasts well with the furniture. There’s a whole palette to choose from, so you can go wild. Just make sure you don’t get any on yourself.

5. Safety first
No matter what you decide to do with your home this spring, safety is of the utmost importance. There’s a reason professionals usually handle construction and renovation, even though they aren’t mandatory. Just about anything you use when renovating can be a health and injury hazard. Even if you’re just painting the walls, toxic fumes from the paint can harm you.

Safety First

You have to think of everything in advance. If you’re going to use drills and heavy machinery, you need to watch out for your hearing. Professional noise protection headphones will be a must. Clothing has to be able to withstand a cut and not let through any toxic materials. Helmets are a cliché safety method, but they exist for a reason. Whether you’re knocking down walls or standing on ladders, a helmet can save your life. Working with wood means you also work with nails and hammers, which make protective gloves a must. Just about everything you can think of is necessary if you don’t want to end up injured.

Freshening up your home can be a fun and creative way to spend your early spring days. Just make sure you do it in a safe and timely manner. There’s no reason you should injure yourself fixing your living space, it would defeat the purpose. If you follow some of these tips, you’ll have a refreshed home and not a single scratch on you.

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