Top 5 Fashion Trends That Make You Say Wow!

Even before writing this blog, the question that popped into my mind was who screamed ‘Fashion’ first? But then, before I even go to the ‘theory’ lane, I just honestly want to express that fashion is all about expression. My friend being a fashion blogger, have constantly cribbed me about fashion becoming very dilute these days. Celebrities, influencers, and fashion giants are on the constant hustle to influence people to follow certain fashion trends that make you say wow. Some catch the eye, some face laughter, some end up as a controversial look, some people love to slip into. But which of these trends are the best of all? Let’s dive into the fashion world and know which are those 5 fashion trends that will make you say wow!

1. Dad sneakers

shoes fashion

When it comes to dressing up and grooming yourself, the most critical part of the whole outfit is played by your footwear. As they say, your footwears carry the potential of making or breaking the vibe of your outfit. Amidst this confusion of choosing a particular kind of footwear from a wide variety, the trend of Dad Sneakers stole the show. They carry a very bold and funky look that compliments with almost all the type of styles – be it casual, funky, fancy, etc.

So pair them with your Mom jeans, Flare jeans or a flirty Midi dress and you’re good to hit the ramp and make people go wow!

2. Geometric Minimalism for accessories

jewellery fashion

As they say, in the case of boring clothes, let your accessories do the talking! The accessories play a significant role when you are too bored to dress up. Shapes and patterns have started influencing the fashion of 2018, especially when it comes to bags, wallets, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. From the hexagon glasses to circular purses, to weirdly patterned jewelry, the fashion markets are filled with various shapes and patterns to choose from.

Make people go wow by pairing these fancy and abstract shaped accessories with a casual t-shirt dress or with rugged denim and a plain white t-shirt.

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3. Denim on denim

Denim has always been the favorite of every fashionista. Jeans are a staple of every teenager’s wardrobe – be it denim dresses, denim jackets, denim shirts, denim skirts, etc. But who would have thought that denim-on-denim would be one of the greatest American trends? Well, it has become and is becoming a widely followed fashion trend where people are pairing different washes and colors together, complimenting the classic fabric in the best way possible. The patchwork and the embroidered denim pieces with the ‘70s feel are taking this fabric to an ultimate level.

So, no need to suppress your love for denim when you can dress denim from head to toe. Because, hey! You are following a trend!

4. Hippie fashion

hippie fashion

There is no denying that the biggest regret of our lives is that we couldn’t live in the ‘50s and ‘60s and enjoy those colorful and bold outfits. But that doesn’t mean we can’t channel those vibes and choices in our style now. 2018 has come with a blast of hippie culture and fashion trends where people are going back in time with bold floral prints, flared jeans, pajama dressing, crop tops, fringes, big and bold sunglasses, etc.

So choose a flirty floral skirt and pair it with a single color with some dark-colored boots and a big circular pair of sunglasses and there you are; ready to walk the ramp on Jimi Hendrix’s tracks.

5. Silly statement t-shirts

silly statement tshirts

Statement shirts and t-shirts are always a go-to fashion trend when it comes to dressing up fast and funky. It’s 2018, and people want to wear their words and feelings more and more. Statement t-shirts have now become a way of expressing one’s personality and beliefs. From personal to social to political, all kinds of statements are taking a toll on celebrity’s and teenager’s styling. So pair a bold statement t-shirt that defines your personality with casual denim and makes people go wow!

It seems that ‘70s vibes are still brewing around us when it comes to fashion trends and we are glad that a lot of past trends are coming back. So what are you waiting for? Raid your mother’s closet or the nearest flea market and get started. Aren’t you feeling too trendy already?

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