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Top 10 Easy and Low-Budget Ideas to Change the look of your Home

With times everything has changed for good. From people living in temporarily made houses to modernly designed decorative mansions; it has surely been a long journey. Nowadays, people prefer decorating their houses with all the new ideas and in trend materials that add beauty to the place around.

Bricks and stones were something used back in time for making homes when nothing was accessible. But with time, these bricks and stones have taken an upturn and have completely changed the idea of home décor. These decorative stones and bricks have turned out to the home image changer everyone desires to invest in.

Let’s move forward and explore 10 easy and low-budget ideas for making your house dazzle with bricks and stone diversified options.

  • Stone Casting In the Kitchen-Yes Please!
    Kitchens are the most important part of the house and an area that is visited the most in a day’s time. Hence, adding attractiveness and charisma to this vital part becomes a must. Stone casting in the kitchen for renovation is a viable option as they provide an earthy touch along with a sense of traditional sophistication. Also, it gives a trip down the memory lane when simple stone and brick walls were a thing.
  • A Brick Red Living Room
    When your guests pay you a visit, what is the first thing they notice? The décor of the living room it is. Then why not make this experience for them so amazing, that they boast about it to others as well. Decorate the living room with red bricks around the wall and a make an everlasting impression. Also, you could add up a wooden ceiling in contrast with your red brick walls and rustic furniture to up your style game.
  • Granular Code The Bathroom
    When you love the stone cladding and aren’t sure which style would best suit your bathroom décor, opting for ground stone textures would do the job. This is one low-budget idea that adds elegance and beauty to the bathroom settings. You could also choose to add low-intensity lighting on the wall edges that would, in turn, make the bathroom look even more amazing and cozy.
  • Clad The Staircase Wall With Stones
    The staircases are the most vibrant portions of a home that needs to be worked out in detail. The walls that support your staircases can be decorated with natural stone slabs that would make the staircase light up and speak a story of its’ own.
  • Add Classiness To The Hallways
    The entrance is what matters a lot in a house décor. What is the point of decorating every part of the home when the entrance is not made to look sophisticated? Therefore opting for decorative stone walls would be a feasible option with light lighting at its edges.
  • Brick Clad The Exteriors
    When someone notices your home from a distance, its beauty should reflect in their eyes. And, this is only possible when you decorate the house exteriors with something other than the usual paints, such as the bricks. Add red or granular bricks to the house exteriors and let everyone feel envy of you.
  • Brick The Arches
    Arches are commonly found around a house and make the entrances look beautiful and mysterious. Adding bricks to these arches take you back to the royal times when arches were pretty common. You could add contrasting brick colors to the arch designs or even paint them to match up to the settings around.
  • Hot Up The Fireplace
    If you have a fireplace at your home to spend a cozy winter evening, decorating it with the decorative stone studded background would make it shine. These stone walls would act as a highlighter and would make your space around even more attractive.
  • White Brick The Bedroom
    The décor of the bedroom should be such that it reflects positive vibes that make you forget the stress and instead induces calmness around. And, what could be better than adding the charm in the form of white decorative brick walls to the bedroom settings. You could even choose to add white bricks to one of the walls rather than covering each one of them.
  • A blend of bricks and Stones
    The blend of bricks and stones is the safest installation option that is surely a great idea. You could add bricks to your one area and stone clad the other. The combination of materials can add up to the glancing effect and make the area around the house a masterpiece to be looked at with amazement.

Wrapping Up

Looking at the 10 easy-to-go tips for adding up the charming factor to the home décor, it is a noteworthy fact that decorative bricks and stones can add life to your home settings. These bring panache and elegance to the space around the house along with adding up a tinge of royalty. So whenever confused about choosing the right décor option, know that “Stones” and “Bricks” would put an impact as solid as a rock.

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Alex is a certified architectural designer, who is passionate about providing essential and helpful information related to structure enhancement. After successfully completing her degree in architect, she developed the flair for writing on the topics associated with real estate, home decor with natural stones and life style so that people can find the easiest and affordable ways of making structure improvement.

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