Three Vital Tips to Organize your Wedding Outdoor

Your wedding is one of the most significant milestones of your life and you must ensure that you can make it super-special so that your wedding day remains in the minds of the people for years to come for all the positive reasons.

And what’s more special way to celebrate this than in the lap of the nature. Imagine the soft breeze teasing your curls as you go hand in hand with your beau amidst the opulent greenery and sun-kissed or star-studded ambiance.

Well this may seem like you are dreaming with open eyes but to make this happen there are so many things that you need to take good care of.  That is why at the time of organising your wedding, advices are always welcome and many brides bless their stars that there was someone to tell them about which they had no idea.


So if you are wondering that there may be something that you have missed then here are some of the indispensable planning secrets that you should know. Just read on.

  • Pay Attention to the Weather and Arrange the Backup – As the event is being hosted outside, it is a must that you stay prepared for the inclement weather and monitor the weather reports as the day of event approaches.

    Determine the rain-day strategy well in advance. You have to stay prepared for a lot of things and it is absolutely necessary that you plan ahead for a foul weather and keep track of the weather report as the day nears.

    You have to decide whether you are going to hire marquees or tents for the sudden twist of events, whether portable pavilion can provide the sufficient coverage for the shine and the rain or whether you will be able to cancel or postpone the event. You need to determine all these prior to the wedding to arrange everything perfectly.

    You should be aware of your contract details, insurance options and cost liabilities in the occasion of the weather causing any damage leading to the cancellation of the event. This primarily involves the catering services, venue rentals and security.

  • Arrange for the Right Equipment on Time – It doesn’t mean that you won’t need any equipment just because you are hosting an event outside. It can be a bit complicated to run things outdoors. But it is also true that you need the sound system, lighting, may be even call for the Wi-Fi access and other such electronics. Most venues provide a portable generator and if they don’t then you may invest in one.

    Apart from that, remember that the duct tape, extension cords as well as synch cords are the best friends of event planner. Keep the paths in mind while laying down the wires and pay attention to the power stations.

  • Take Care of the Amenities – You need to check out the basic amenities such as the tables and seating, outhouses and sanitation facilities which are the most vital things to consider. You should consider if the natural shade is available. Electric fans happen to be another idea in this case. You are also going to keep a steady supply of food and drinking. The tidbit may not cross the mind but it is worth to check out the status of the pest-control of that area. After all who will like a beach wedding with a lot of horseflies hovering around!

    Another thing that you need to consider in this case are the right pieces of furniture or décor. In order to turn your tent to a wedding venue you will need a lot of furniture pieces starting from tables and chairs to lounges and the right lighting. Without the right wedding furniture hire you will not be able to get your dream wedding over.

The above are some of the things that you must concentrate on at the time of organising your big day. If you keep the above in mind and stay prepared with all these you can rest assured that your special day will always bring a smile on the lips of all your attendees whenever they remember it.

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