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The Basics of 4×4 Suspension Upgrade

4×4 Suspension system is mainly a set of axles, links, and control arms. These are designed in such a manner that it helps four-wheel drive to run smoothly on the road surface. It helps in absorbing uneven spots on the road which in turn limits body roll. The right suspension system helps in maintaining adequate ground clearance and avoids wheel to lose contact with the surface of the road.

Few modifications in the suspension system can enhance the functioning to a certain limit while some of them can have unwanted results as far as the operation is concerned. Hence, it is crucial to be careful at the time of upgrading the suspension.

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Why consider upgrading 4×4 Suspension?

Suspension upgrade is mainly done for two major reasons that are to enhance the load capacity and off-road ability.

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Improved off-road ability

When suspension upgrade kit is installed, it can enhance off-road capability through break over and departure angles. With this, it would be easy for you to take your vehicle over the steeper obstructions that too without struggling hard. Along with this, it will also enhance the articulation over the rough terrain.

High load capacity

In case, you tow or carry lots of loads, then suspension upgrade can be a good idea. This is because if the suspension of the vehicle wears down, it starts sagging due to the weight, making the drive unsafe. To avoid sagging and maintaining vehicle balance, it is crucial to upgrade the suspension.

How to do suspension upgrade?

In case, you are planning for 4×4 Suspension upgrade, then it is crucial for you to know how this upgrade take place.

  • The suspension is normally raised to 50mm for the four-wheel vehicle. This is the highest legal limit. In case, it is raised more than 50mm than engineer certificate is a must.
  • The height of the vehicle is ascertained from load bearing springs. Majority of the vehicles utilize big coil springs on the coil and front axle. Some also use leaf springs but this is rare.
  • For enhancing 4×4 Suspension, the springs will be changed through personalized replacements for carrying additional weight or vehicle height. There are various kinds of springs developed so that different weight requirements of vehicles can be met. Hence, it is possible for you to choose springs on the basis of your vehicle needs. Springs are selected on the basis of the winch, bull bar, etc.
  • To have a smooth run and avoid bumps shocks are installed.

What all things to keep in mind while 4×4 Suspension upgrade?

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There are some of the things that you need to remember if you want to upgrade the suspension. Following are some of these things:

  • One thing you need to keep in mind is that once suspension upgrade take place for your vehicle, more grease points might be there.
  • At the time of upgradation there is an option of installing airbags. In case, you do not require to frequently carry heavy loads, then this can be a good option. This is because for soft springs can be used for daily requirements and when you require carrying heavy loads, you can use airbags. These bags can assist in maintaining the height of the ride.
  • In case, you are carrying out the upgrade for carrying additional weight or for towing, then the upgrade result must help keeping the heavy weight on the front side of the wheels along with maintaining the balance of the vehicle.


With this, you might have surely got a fair idea about 4×4 Suspension and whether you want to get it done for your vehicle or not. You can decide further and make an informed decision.

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