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Technology Has Boosted The Sport Industry

Technology has not only transformed the whole world but it has also shown the huge impact on the sports industry. Over the years technology is changing and getting advanced day by day.

Various sports are using high technology like video replay systems to check referee’s call. Since years we are noticing in cricket that whenever there is someone out by LVW, it is through video replay system we can check the accuracy. Through the wireless techno microphones the umpire can connect with other umpires. Even in football same technology has been used.

Technology has boosted the sports industry because of many reasons like it determines the sports performance and improves the quality of decisions. It supports umpires, officers and important staffs to get connected and make accurate decisions.

Technologies used in different sports

The cricket and tennis use the hawk eye computers and camera. There are goal line assessment tools, goal line sensors etc. They help in taking accurate decisions. For eg., camera takes the glance and computer analyses the situation and sent signals to the referee though headset or wrist device. The decision is double confirmed before the declaration. So technology keeps on advancing through years as the interest of people is getting more in the sports like soccer, tennis, rugby etc.

In a case of athletes, there is apparatus force platform used beneath the foot to measure the ground reaction force. In the case of basketball, the replay system is used to monitor last two minutes of the game. It is for last touch decisions. In rugby for questionable tries, video referees are used. In tennis to review the line calls line call system is used.

Sports go along with the technology. The technology not only used in the sports but there is various computer software used for different purpose. To monitor the performance of the sports person different software are used for the diet plan, health check-ups and for maintaining the body.


In football, there is the latest technology that is foam technology which is used to visualize the mark-ups on the field. It is the spray with vanishing foam. It is used at the time of free kick to determine the distance of the opposing team from the ball.

There were also many improvements in the technology sector that empowered the betting in the sports industry. Some of the improvements are as below.

  1. Use of Smart Phones – Because of the Smartphones, people are updated with the latest scores. This has definitely helped the betting sites to grow and to improve the betting odds.
  2. Fantasy Games: – Fantasy leagues are the leagues in which the players and the groups are evaluated on the bases of their performances and history. This is generally used in cricket, football etc.
  3. High speed internet: – This is the third reason responsible for empowerment of sports in betting. High speed internet is useful for players to play live betting and it’s because of the high speed internet that players get the information rapidly. Nowadays 4G and 5G speeds are already around the world.

The technology has been used for years and now people are taking advantage of the technology for placing bets. Football betting is one of the most popular types of betting and there are many online website offering online betting on football. It has been found that 70 percent of trade has come from the football gambling industry. Around 50000 matches are conducted every year.

Technology is the important aspect of the sports industry and should be used properly. The betting has raised the fan following but true fan club is missing nowadays. To increase the sports business e-ticketing software has been introduced, e-merchandising is done from different countries for different sports. Technology is getting advanced for the progress of the sports industry.

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