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How to spice up your bathroom the budget-friendly way

Admit it, you’ve at one point, or the other drooled over that picture-perfect bathroom in your favorite movie – wishing it was all yours for the bathing. The problem, however, is that bathroom overhauls, or remodeling comes at a high premium. In fact, they are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate in the house. So, even while you sit and drool over that five-star hotel bathroom, its luxurious look and feel are practically far off from the reach of your pockets – or so you thought.

While nothing beats digging deep into your pockets for a bathroom makeover, there are ways to recreate that premium feel, and we’re going to tell just how you can achieve this.

  • Tune up the lights to accentuate all your bathroom’s highlights
    Lighting goes a long way in shaping the overall look and feel of your bathroom – most times it’s what differentiates a ‘very good’ bathroom from a ‘majestic one.’ For your bathroom, excellent lighting could be what tunes its luxuriousness up a notch. If you currently use one of those bland looking light bars, now is the time to ditch the traditional for the sensational; well-designed sconces are an excellent light upgrade to start with, complement these with stylish pendants, maybe add a set of vanity mirrors and your bathroom takes up that endearingly elegant pose.

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  • Simplicity is bliss
    In the words of Leonardo Davinci ‘simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.’ To add to that, it’s also the cheapest form of sophistication. Good news for you. The simple look is one without unnecessary clutters and with subtle calming colors. And as far as the concept of subtle colors goes, nothing beats the elegance of plain old white. Simplicity doesn’t, however, mean your bathroom should be just tub, tap and ‘sinker,’ splurge a little cash on towels on sale and add a few other accessories. And speaking of accessories;
  • Accessorize to match your taste
    In the end, your bathroom regardless of how good it looks on paper is only beautiful if it looks good in your eyes. That’s why you should focus on getting accessories that correspond to your preferences as opposed to living off recommendations and suggestions. Instead of the pink bath towels everyone is talking about, why not opt for the color that fits your style. Or better still, swerve from the bandwagon and settle for a beach towel; unconventional – yes, but original and more likely to please you afterward.
  • Finally, channel your inner artistic spirit and hang up some artworks 

Nothing screams ‘I’m the king/queen of luxuriousness and all things premium’ better than a striking artwork draping over your head as you take a bath. It’s the stuff you see in movies, and it’s probably how the Queen of England, Turkish towel in hand, takes her morning shower. Far from popular belief, not all artworks will cost you an arm or leg; so long as you’re not gunning for something in the league of the Monalisa you should get an artwork that complements the royal feel of your bathroom with a few bucks. All that’s left is for you to find a suitable hanging place, set it up and begin bathing in style.


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