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Reasons of Children Being Reluctant Towards Study

Hesitation of students towards studies can result into serious repercussion in the form of poor grading and academic achievement. Thus, it should be avoided by all means. This measure requires a comprehensive understanding of all the factors which contribute in creating reluctant nature of students.

Firstly, a child may be born with some congenital disorders such as aphasia which affects the reception of language followed by its comprehension. Similarly, there are situations where a student is unable to discriminate spellings of different words consequently affecting the reading comprehension. Such intrinsic disabilities would never let a child develop interest towards learning and resultant the overall performance would be affected.

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Learn to Motivate the Kids!

Motivation can be considered as the basis of self-esteem and confidence which facilitates an individual to realize the inner potential. This encouragement begins from one’s home where our parents are the key motivators who guide our steps and keeping us on the right track. If this role is replaced with continuous scolding on each error and mistake committed by a child, this would consequently develop a state in a young mind that my every action would be wrong and therefore it is better to stay put rather than coming up with some innovative idea. In other words, de-motivation makes a child reluctant.

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Encouragement itself is incomplete without the required parental training for a child in the first few years. It is mandatory for parents to hone analytical and logical reasoning within their children for which distinct types of games are available such as Scrabbles. It is taken as the best game for developing the vocabulary of youngsters at a rapid pace. Likewise, Chess is an ideal game for children as it provides different situations at various times and the individual has to devise a different strategy at each occasion to solve a problem. With this knowledge, a student would never feel shy or hesitant to face a problem. It will be considered as a challenge and therefore the child would end up with success in the overall academic performance.

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Try to Develop a Relation with Communication!

Interpersonal Communication skills are essential for success for students and its training also begins at home. Conversely, if a child is not getting the right time and opportunity to interact with parents in the target language, he/she would always feel shy to speak before public consequently manifesting a poor performance in schools in receptive and productive skills of a language.

The fear of failure becomes an impediment as well for young students due to which they stop to put forth any endeavor within their studies. As a result, their performance becomes worse with the passage of time. Therefore, this fear has to be eradicated from their minds by associating curricular activities with extra-curricular activities such as sports and games. There are occasions when a child has an intrinsic passion towards sports. This association of games with studies would encourage the student to place the same effort in studies just like it is done for his/her favorite hobby.

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