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How to Plan a Conference like A Pro

If you are a marketing assistant, you will get to wear many hats. Customer service representative, project manager, social media manager, and an all-rounder event planner, the roles can get out of hand. At this stage, small businesses especially do not have the capacity to hire individual skilled people. When this happens, tasks rush because the time spreads out too thin. Often, opportunities do not leverage to their potential and people tend to question their work, but this does not have to be this way.

The fact remains that when events run smoothly, all your guests will get to enjoy them. However, in order to ensure that happens, a corporate event decorator in Atlanta must make use of a solid event management strategy and tool to stay on the top of every detail as well as the deadline.

This year, if you are in charge of an event, here are some tips for planning a successful conference. Yes, you simply do not need a degree in event planning for this, so let’s dive right into the tips.

Tips for Planning a Successful Conference

In order to host the conference everyone will talk about, you need to follow some tips, including:

Figure Out Your Theme

To ensure that you convey all the benefits of people attending your conference, you need to be quite clear on the type of theme you choose. The narrow your focus on the theme, the better you will be able to plan the event. Having a unified corporate theme will help you to articulate not just, why you need to attend the event, but why the people should attend it and the possible benefits they can expect. A good theme will attract the right set of people and let you think of creating a better mission statement.

Pick a Good Theme

This is something quite important, especially if you wish to engage your attendees. Keep in mind that a good theme has the power to transform any event from a dull, formal one to a fun and exciting one. However, you need to keep things in mind such as the venue location. You also need to know the total number of guests and the duration of your event for the day. Consider the theme, the menu, and the overall impression you wish to make. A tip here for you is to work with your event planners, like Let’s Celebrate Events, who can guide you through each step of the way.

You Can Book Your Speakers Early

Right before you think of working out your theme, you need to consider the key industry players you should invite. Keep in mind that a niche theme is good; however, if you do not have anyone in mind to talk about the new ideas and insights, you will make this hard for yourself. If you have someone in mind, you should connect with him or her right away. Know that most good speakers work on a tight schedule. You should think about all your connections. Take your time to explain the mission to the people you know. Consider using the social media to start and share conversations. This should change your language and offer some compensation or even exposure.

You Can Follow a Pre-Launch Style

Business owners are always busy. You can think of a brand and launch a new product. They do not just announce it to the world once. Any pre-launch corporate event is more about planning. You need to ensure that your conference event has a consistent communication flow, connect with them, send invites, and connect with them through social media, connect or communicate over the phone to confirm attendance and you can also send reminder emails in the days and weeks before. You should explore past events and look out for some opportunities.

Keep a Local Flavor

You can give all your attendees a better and unique travel experience, simply by including all details that are particular to your city. Maybe, consider serving a meal made with all local ingredients, you can consider to host an outing to a local attraction, you can participate in traditional, unique or have local goody bag treats. You should note that even the smallest special touch will give all your attendees a real vacation-like feeling and they are likely to forgive all the odd logistical oversights. In addition, your guests will leave with positive memories and more likely enjoy the event.

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Hosting a conference like a pro is an easy job, of course, you need to work with the right event planners that can guide and advise you when choosing the theme. Note that the theme has to be a casual, yet have a formal touch to it, in order to attract the attendees and focus on the objectives of the event.

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