World No Diet Day - May 6

May 6 Observed As International No Diet Day

International No Diet Day is celebrated worldwide on 6th May, every year. This day is an annual celebration of body acceptance in which body shape diversity and fat acceptance is included. The aim to celebrate this day is to dedicate promoting healthy lifestyle. Main focus to celebrate this day is to raise the awareness of potential dangers of dieting. The first International No Diet Day (INDD) was celebrated on 1992 at UK which was created by Mary Evans Young who is the director of British group named Diet Breakers. At first time, it was only for the UK as a National no Diet Day. After that in 1993, Feminist groups from different countries started to celebrate this day on 6th May.

Say No To Diet

Goal of No Diet Day

Main goal of this Day for people are as follow:

  • Raise awareness of fat phobia, weight discrimination and size bias.
  • Questions the idea of One Proper body shape.
  • Provide facts about the diet industry and highlighting ineffectiveness of commercial diets.
  • Declare a day free from obsessions and diets about body weight.
  • Honor the victims of weight-loss surgical treatment and eating disorders.
  • Help to end fat phobia, sizism and weight discrimination.

There are two association which sponsored similar types of days. Those are International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) and National Organization for Women (NOW). ISAA is celebrated on 24th of April as International Size Acceptance day. NOW organizes its own Love Your Body Campaign with own Annual Love Your Body Day.

The symbol of Light Blue Ribbon for International No Diet Day is accepted globally.

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