International Midwives' Day - May 5

May 5 – International Midwives’ Day

Today on May 5, International Day of Midwife is celebrated globally. This day was first celebrated on 5th May, 1991 and since from that day it is observed all over the world in more than 50 countries. The main idea came out on 1987 to observe this day to recognize and to honor the midwives by International confederations of midwives at Netherlands.

International Confederations of Midwives:

ICM or International Confederations of Midwives is a confederations which cares, represent and work to support professional association of midwives worldwide. Having more than 100 members which represent midwifery association 100 countries around. The main aim of ICM to secure women’s rights and access to midwifery care before, during and after of the birth of baby. It has worked with UN and other partners to help to reduce the number of mother and babies who died in around new birth.

International Confederations of Midwives has a vision for every childbearing woman who can access to midwife’s care for herself and for her new born babies.

A midwife
We have some suggestions below for midwives who can make this day very special:

  • You can organize a march, run, parade or a rally on public places.
  • You can organize workshop or conference to hear about developments
  • You can organize a singing contest or concert to support midwives
  • You can invite celebrities, NGO representatives or government officials to speak about midwifery care at public places.
  • You can offer information, services and advice to the public about midwifery care and services at popular public places

These are the basic suggestion for midwives’ and midwifery services to make this day very special.

To support midwives, we must encourage them to media know about what they are doing so that general public can be benefitted as much as possible. The International Midwives’ Day is an opportunities of every midwife to make new contacts and connection within and outside midwifery and provide information to public what exactly midwifery do for the world.

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