International Firefighters' Day

May 4 Observed As International Firefighters’ Day

In all over the world, today on May 4, International Firefighters’ Day (IFFD) is observed. IFFD is observed on May 4 just because of the deaths of five firefighter in a terrible circumstances in a bushfire at Australia. In many European countries, May 4 is observed as a traditional firefighters’ day because May 4 is the day of Saint Florian, patron saint of firefighters. At that time A Red and Blue Ribbon symbol is chosen for IFFD.

Tragic Incident:

On 2nd December, 1998, in Australia at Linton region, firefighters were fighting a very large bushfire. At that time they need mutual aid and then they called it for aid. From their call, an urgent mutual aid call brought. They were from Geelong West Fire Brigade. They were stranger at that place when bushfire was fired. While they were extinguishing the fire, the wind suddenly changed the direction towards the firefighting truck and fire engulfing that truck in hard fire. That fire killed all five members who extinguishing named Garry Vredeveldt, Chris Evans, Stuart Davidson, Jason Thomas, and Matthew Armstrong. From that tragic incident what inspired JJ Edmondoson to bring about an International holiday as an International Firefighters’ day to support and dedicate firefighters from all over the world who risk their lives to save our lives and property.

Red and Blue Ribbon Symbol:

International Firefighters' Day on May 4

One of the most significant symbol of this day is Red and Blue ribbon. This ribbon cut just one centimeter wide and five centimeter long having two colors Red and Blue conjoined at the top. The main reason to choose only these two colors is that Red denotes the element of fire whereas Blue denotes element of water. Coincidentally, both colors are recognized worldwide for emergency service.

Fire Service Recognition:

On International Firefighters’ Day(IFFD), not only the firefighters who lost their lives are recognized, but every person in the emergency service career also get recognized; such as, Fore prevention specialists, Paid firefighters, Hazardous materials specialists, wild land firefighters, emergency medical technicians, heavy equipment mechanics and operators, etc. In emergency services, one cannot hold up without other emergency department services. And therefore, it resulting in to celebrate firefighters’ day for everyone who are working in the emergency services.

Author Bio:

This article has been written by Mihir Doshi who is an Owner of Veer Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. Veer Fire is a well-known and leading name in India as fire extinguisher manufacturers. Veer Fire salute all the firefighters who risk their life to save our life and properties and to celebrate this important day with the Local fire fighters.

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