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Knowing These 8 ideas Will Make Your Home Painting Look Amazing

Whether you are looking at a home renovation project or planning on moving to a new house, the following home painting ideas and tips are definitely going to be of great help to you!

The Color Matters!

The main idea of having your house repainted is to get a more attractive appeal out of it and somehow make it look more spacious. It is important to understand the effect of each color on your mood and how it compliments your house. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Grey, and Brown colors remain the top picks for most homeowners.

Formulating A Primer 

Primer is something that is formulated to prepare a surface to be painted on. It does so by sealing pores, preventing stains and knots from creating a smooth and uniform surface to paint on. Oil-based primers, Latex-based primers, and Shellac-based primers are the most common of all types.

Choosing The Right Type Of Paint 

Choosing the right type of paint for your house is basically choosing among the two most common categories, is it either going to be oil paint or latex paint? Oil paint requires longer drying and also is very hard to clean, whereas the latex paint is mostly water, dries quickly, and is environment-friendly. 

Selecting The Finishing

After you have decided what color and what type of paint you are going to choose, you need to select to have a perfect finishing for it as well. Here are some of the most common types of finishing homeowners choose for their paint:

  • Matte or Flat.
  • Eggshell.
  • Satin.
  • Semi-gloss.
  • High-gloss.

Matching Of The Applicator

Having the right applicator paint with matters a lot, you can come home getting yourself some very high-quality paint, but it is good for nothing if you don’t use the proper applicators to apply it with. Brushes, rollers, and pads are the three most common applicators, ask you, supplier, to recommend the one that matches your paint type.

Know-How To Clean Your Brushes

If you have tried to clean paint brushes yourself, you would know that it is in no way an easy thing to do. You can soften the bristles by soaking the brush in hot vinegar for 30 minutes and then clean them easily.

How To Protect The Spots That You Do Not Want To Be Painted?

Applying Vaseline over keyholes or hinges will help you to avoid a spot that you don’t want to be painted.
Apply the Vaseline on the spot and then remove it just by wiping after you are done with painting.

Getting Immaculate Results 

Painting over dirty walls is never a good idea; it won’t stick to it. 

You can use a dry cloth to wipe the wall clean from the dust and dirt and then apply a nice clean coat of paint.

Softening The Tape

Applying tape over crevice corners is never an easy thing to do; you can ease up the process by placing your tape in the microwave for 10 minutes and see it become surprisingly softer.

Author Bio:

Brian owns a local painting company and has always been an advocate of self- help. In the following article, he explains the simplest of ideas that will make your house paint look amazing!

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