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Know and Overstep The Top Mistakes while Shopping for Home Theater and Speaker

Electronics and electronic gadgets are an important part of any home. When you are renovating or redecorating your home, there are chances you might want to change the electronics as well. Now, while we are discussing all this, an important question arises: what are all these electronics that we are talking about? Mostly, these gadgets are the home theatre systems and the speakers of your home. So, if we ask you how do you shop for such gadgets, the answer would be: a little bit of research about the brand and the model and voila! It’s been done.

Yeah, no doubt in the fact that you would get the product, but are you sure that you are getting the best worth of your bucks? Are you sure that the gadget would suit your home settings and other interiors as well? Not sure? Well, then you must read out the top mistakes most of us commit while shopping for home theatre and speakers. Let us go through them one by one.

  1. You picked up the all inclusive home theatre package that comes with the sound system as well
    For many of us, this is the best deal; you go for a big name that offers the best theatre system and voila! Now you are getting audio system as well. Well, these big companies surely do know their way around the CD players and home theatres, but when it comes to loudspeakers, things are a bit dicey. Every speaker is unique and the designs require extensive measurements and research. Thus, always go for companies that have a long history in loudspeakers.
  2. You bought the speakers in a rush and now they sound too harsh or boomy
    When you are making a purchase of the speakers, it is better to take your time and select the speakers carefully. Take the advice of professionals and they would gladly tell you that it takes hours of careful listening to make a judgement about the speakers. If you have the facility of doing this at your home, then take the advantage of this opportunity.
  3. The main woofer caught your attention and you failed to take notice of the center channel along with main left and right speakers
    Obviously, powerful woofers would attract you and would impress anybody, but amid all this, you can’t forget the fact that when you are watching movies or listening to the music, the mid range or high-frequency musics, along with all the dialogues come through the center channel and right and left speakers. Now, you don’t want any unnatural sound or buzzing sound with them. So, it is better to pay equal attention to the other areas as well.
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  4. You bought the little cube speakers that are literally cute and unobtrusive, but all you got was strained sound when you turned up the volume a bit higher.
    These cute looking things can easily become the part of your home décor, but they aren’t that powerful. If there are low levels of background noise, they work just fine as you want them to do, but as things turn up a bit harsh, they are no good. Usually, the speakers divide the spectrum of sound into two fragments: the bass and the tweeter. The higher the quality of the speaker, better the division is.
  5. You thought that the two compact speakers would be enough to accommodate the needs of the living rooms with dimensions of a cathedral hall. But now the sound is too strange
    You can’t expect a single woofer or a small tweeter to fulfill the needs of an area that is way beyond its capacity. Most of the times, we expect a small speaker to produce the best sound quality, but it is against the laws of Physics. So if you want to have a rock band in your living room that is the size of a cathedral, then it is better to invest in subwoofers and floor standing speakers.
  6. You kept the subwoofers at the side of the room, but now you miss the low, deep bass and want it back.
    We are not the experts and that is why many of us don’t understand the fact that the placement of the speakers matter a lot. Even shifting the woofers to a few inches can create noticeable changes in the sound quality. In case, if the subwoofer is placed anywhere in between the standing wave, there won’t be any deep bass. To correct it, move the subwoofer along the wall. For this, you need to find standing waves.
  7. You bought two large speakers at the best rates from two men who were standing near the supermarket from their truck and the name sounds too familiar. But something is missing!
    Yeah, it is not a stupid point, but many people fall for this gimmick. Most of the times, such speakers have names that have a close resemblance to the famous brand names. If you want to buy good quality speakers, always buy from a trusted store.
  8. You bought some really nice speakers, but now your spouse wants them out of sight, in some antique cupboard
    Well, if you have spent a fortune over the speakers, there is no point in hiding them in the cupboard. This leads to the dull coloration of the speakers. Or you can go for unconventional, hybrid designs that can easily complement the interiors of your home. For this, you can take the help of various tech magazines and find the latest designs.

So, when you are heading out to buy the best quality speakers or home theatres, take care of all these things as they will ensure that you are not landed up with the wrong products. Moreover, you can always take the assistance of the experts who can help you to choose the gadgets. With that being said, head out to your favorite store and start shopping for home theatre systems and speakers.

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