Keeping Up Your Appearances

When it comes to our appearance, we tend to take some pride in how we look. And, that’s only natural. Our appearance is a sort of social shorthand. Our appearance is, after all, the very first part of a first impression, and first impressions are everything. Therefore, it behooves us to put some stock into the way we look to improve first impressions and the relationships that may or may not follow, and I don’t exclusively mean romantic relationships. All relationships depend, at least in part, on a solid first impression informed by your appearance. This may sound shallow, but trust me when I say that shallowness is largely irrelevant.

Regardless of your “attractiveness” the facets of your appearance you have control over still say
a lot about you simply because you have control over them. Therefore, it’s your duty to maintain
an appearance that speaks to your character. If your appearance is sloppy, it might say that you
simply aren’t that concerned with appearances, but it might also suggest that you don’t take
care of yourself, that you are an apathetic person.

One major facet of one’s appearance is expressing one’s interests and personality. For instance, if you’re wearing a sports themed cap from Lids, you’re obviously a sports fan, but furthermore, this indicates what sport and team you like the most. If this seems frivolous, consider that you might have an interest in the same sport and/or the same team, thus giving you an immediately shared interest and grounds for a conversation and, perhaps, more. This sort of interaction is the cornerstone of social interaction, so you can clearly see the value of this kind of signal being projected via your appearance. However, there are, as you might imagine, man facets to one’s appearance to take into consideration. For example, there is the ever important, nay, crucial, matter of hygiene.

Going back to the point of taking care of yourself from earlier, poor hygiene sends a bad signal. There are certainly situations, of course, where the “rules” of hygiene are more lax, but it can be accepted as a general truth that better hygiene makes for better interactions. Then, outside of your interests, your clothing still plays a bigger role. In much the same way as your hygiene can give someone a summary of your ability to care for yourself, wearing dirty, damaged, or wrinkled clothing can have a negative impact on the way you are perceived by others.

Home Decor Also Defines Your Personality and You Appearances As Well, How?

So, with these tips in mind, you should have a solid foundation on which to build your
appearance so that it reflects your own essence, your interests, your values, and much more.
This will prove instrumental in forging relationships moving forward, and in that department, you
could always use some extra help. Trust me when I say this: we are social animals, and
relationships are important to us, even to those of us who consider ourselves loners. So, take
your interactions with others seriously, and start with tailoring your appearance to speak well of