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Is Instant Coffee Bad for Your health?

Derived from the brewed coffee beans, instant coffee also most commonly known as coffee crystals, subtle coffee or coffee powder is used to prepare coffee instantly with little efforts. All you need to do is add hot water to the instant coffee powder and start stirring till the mixture reaches desired concentration level. It is extremely popular in various parts of the world and also consists of approximately fifty percent of coffee consumption in some of the countries. It is much cheaper than actual coffee and also faster and easier to make. We know that there are a lot of health benefits consisted of drinking regular coffee but the question is, do all these benefits also linked with the instant coffee. This article will talk about if the instant coffee as well is good for health or not.

How to make instant coffee?

Instant coffee is made out of dried coffee extract that is made up of brewing ground coffee beans. It is in some manner similar to the regular coffee extract but in a more concentrated form. After brewing the coffee, the excess water is removed from it and the extract is then converted into powder or other dry fragments. Both of these are meant to easily dissolve in water.

The two main types of instant coffee preparations are.

  • Spray drying

It is done by spraying the coffee extract in hot air, that quickly turn into small pieces or fire powder after the droplets are dried.

  • Freeze drying

This process includes freezing the coffee extract than cutting them down to small fragments. These small fragments are then dried in vacuum conditions under low temperature.

Both of the methods do no harm to the quality of coffee and preserves it accurately, maintain the flavor and aroma of the coffee. The most used method for instant coffee intake is to prepare it with a hot cup of water by adding a teaspoon of coffee powder to it. You can easily adjust the amount of coffee added based on the strength of coffee you want.

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The key benefits

You need to find the antioxidants in your diet and coffee is the biggest source for that. it is believed that instant coffee does great harm to our body and is not at all beneficial for consumption. But is this fact really true or a myth like several others. Does the instant coffee really does harm to harm the body in any manner, no all of these are just mere myths, though instant coffee has contained caffeine it also has a high amount of antioxidants in it that balances it out. Here are some of the key benefits of instant coffee that makes it a much better beverage to consume than actually thought.

It contains antioxidants and nutrients

This beverage contains a high amount of antioxidants as mentioned above and also provide a lot of other health benefits as well. Due to the manner, it is processed in, it is also believed that it may contain more nutrients and antioxidants than the actual regular coffee. Also, it has low-fat contents as well as less fatigue causing qualities. One cup of coffee only contains only 4 calories and also gives your body essential nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and niacin (Vitamin B3).

Contains less caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most consumed stimulants in the world and coffee is the best source to for this stimulants intake. But here we know that instant coffee contains less caffeine than the actual regular coffee. One cup instant coffee may have between thirty to ninety mg of caffeine contents whereas the regular ones contain it in the amount ranging from seventy t5o one hundred and forty mg. Instant coffee might be a better choice for people who do not like their coffee much in strength or need to minimize their caffeine consumption. The decaf is also a type of instant coffee and it contains much more reduced amounts of caffeine. High level of caffeine consumption can surely cause you anxiety, sleeping disorders, upset stomach, fast heartbeat, tremor and may be restlessness.

Toxic Coffee Maker

Many people use a coffee maker to prepare their morning coffee. These are very useful gadgets – which make the process of creating a hot coffee a lot easier. Though they’re great, you must do your research before purchasing one, to ensure that you get a high-quality product. Cheap, low quality, plastic coffee makers are known for shedding chemicals into your coffee and giving it an odd plastic taste. To assist your research view this best coffee maker review.

Other health benefits:

Just like the consumption of regular coffee, instant coffee also has a lot of health benefits linked to it. It contains the same nutrients and antioxidants that prove that it will be having the same health benefits as well.

Some of these health benefits include.

  • It anyhow helps in improving the working capacity and caliber of your brain in no time.
  • Coffee is meant to improve the metabolism of your body without putting into much effort, it is also meant to burn all that extra fats.
  • It also helps your body in diseases reduction, many of the severe illnesses like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer like nuero0dengenrative diseases have the risk to attack you reduced with the regular consumption if instant coffee.
  • It also helps you in decreasing diabetes.
  • Instant coffee also helps you out to improve your liver health.
  • It also has a positive impact on your mental health as well0 and is meant to give you several mental health benefits.
  • Consumption of instant coffee also helps you increase the life expectancy rate and will surely make you live longer than others.

How much coffee should be consumed?

If you are thinking of the right quantity you need to have coffee consumption is. You should have not more than three to five cups of instant coffee on regular basis. Drinking more than that might do you some health damages. Three to five cups of instant coffee a day is the right amount that is meant to link with all the risk reduction and providing you all these benefits.


Instant coffee no doubt is much easier and a quickie to make without any much hassle. It is also cheaper than the regular coffee and has a long shelf life. Taking this article as preference we can see that instant coffee is overall good for health and must be consumed if in controlled quantities.

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