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How to Choose a Garage Door that matches your home and style

As an extension of your home, your garage door needs to stand out. It is the feature of your property that people usually notice when they stop by. If you are considering replacing or upgrading your garage door to increase the curb appeal of your home, you have to determine the type and style of your garage door that matches your home. A garage door repair Southlake company can assist you with getting a garage door that complements your style and home.

Know the size of your garage door

If you are searching for a suitable replacement for your garage door, be sure to take specific measurements. When measuring the height, start by finding the tallest spot in your garage door’s opening. Measure the size from that spot to the bottom. Repeat steps when getting the width. In measuring the thickness, start from the edge of the inside of your garage door opening to its opposite edge. Use these measurements so you can search for more options when upgrading your garage door.

Explore options on construction or materials

Once you are done with measuring your garage door, think about its construction. In choosing the materials or construction for your garage doors, many factors will come into play. You have to know your personal goal of upgrading your garage door so you can determine the best materials. Some choose a metal option as it can withstand the humid climate, while others prioritize warmth and safety by choosing single-ply doors. The garage door materials that are available for you to choose from are aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, steel, wood and composite.

Take your time in exploring the style options

When it comes to choosing the garage door style, there are many options for you to explore. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary style, you can be sure that you will get a good number of garage door styles that meet your needs. Some of the garage door styles you can consider are glass front, custom, arched trim, flat panel, texture, custom, carriage, arched windows, and industrial. If you want more privacy, you need to choose tinted windows, while panel lengths add more character to your garage door through its dimension. Long-raised panels are ideal if you want to accentuate your door.

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Add garage door accessories

Accessorizing your garage door can dramatically change its appearance. If you want your door to be eye-catching, add wrought iron or brass hinges. Create a seamless style by painting your garage trim the same color as your gutters. There are also some accessories you can add to your garage door to reduce humidity such as weather stripping and seals. You can install these accessories to the garage door entrance. Keep extra bedrooms and playrooms dry by adding bottom gaskets as they prevent water from getting into your garage.

Keep garage doors functional

A stylish garage door is useless if it is not functional. When you say functional it means that a garage door has to be efficient and should receive the R-value that refers to the rating given to the insulation in your garage door. It should have the ability to block hot or cold temperatures. You will also need your garage to be sound-proof if you want to use it for living quarters. Sound-proof garage doors have higher R-value. For homeowners who live in extremely cold places, choose products with the highest rating so you can prevent condensation.

Choosing the right products

When redesigning your garage door, picking out the right color is also essential. Whether you are choosing bold shades, neutral or complementary colors, you also need to take the size and brand of your garage door into consideration. These details are going to be relevant in creating your final design. Avoid cutting corners or rushing the process. Carefully consider all the available options so you can accomplish the design you want.

Although there are many garage door options for you to explore, it is important to set your own criteria so you can choose the garage door that matches your needs. Family Christian Doors can help you in making the right choice. Whether you want a custom garage door design or the ones you can purchase off the rack, make sure that you are not letting quality and functionality take a backseat.

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