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How Restaurants Use Interior Design to Inspire Customer Loyalty

Running a restaurant is both rewarding and risky. With the strong competition in the industry, it seems next to impossible building a really strong brand. However, through enticing visual design, you can certainly surpass the competition and become successful.

Since human beings are emotional creatures, your customer’s emotional response to external stimuli will have a major impact on their daily decisions. This includes choices involving which mall they will go to, which boutique they will shop at, and which places they will probably dine in.

Apart from high-quality food and service that play a huge role, customers will also develop a sense of belongingness if they come in contact with a restaurant whose visual identity resonates with their personality. This means that restaurant design has a strong impact on customer loyalty, so use it to maximize the potential of your business.

Interior design and fit-out companies share how your restaurant design can cultivate customer loyalty, and ultimately keep your business successful.

Colors Set the Stage

Colors will be the first emotional trigger customers will come in contact with as they enter your restaurant. You would want to grab their attention and stimulate their senses with strong yet warm hues.

Refrain from using purple, green, and blue since they are known as the more difficult color schemes for any restaurant. Instead, use yellow, red, orange, and neutral hues like brown, white and beige.

Warm hues promote positive feelings like peace, excitement, trust, and intimacy. Also, they are proven to increase a person’s appetite. On the other hand, neutral colors help diners feel calm and relaxed. Moreover, it is quite easy for these hues to work with different types of artwork, furnishings, and flowers.

Reputable interior fit-out companies recommend not using too many different colors in an attempt to entice different feelings. Instead, stick to one primary or base color and complement it with shades that will dim down or brighten the ambiance, depending on the atmosphere you want to impart.

Make sure to find the best color scheme that best represents your brand.

Restroom Covers Basic Needs

The bathroom is among the key aspects of a successful restaurant that is often overlooked. Your customers will be unlikely to have a positive emotional relationship with your dining establishment when it does not cover their basic needs in terms of sanitation and personal hygiene.

Make sure that your restaurant’s bathroom complements its decoration. It should give your visitors privacy and all the key elements to cover their needs. Moreover, knowing you put their needs and comfort first will inspire trust and, ultimately, loyalty in them.

Most people appreciate restaurants that invest in green practices. A great way to minimize the negative impact of paper production in the ecosystem is to install water and energy efficient bidets in the bathroom.

Theme and Relaxation Work Together

Furnishings will play a huge role in determining how your customers will feel toward your restaurant. And this depends on how the tables and chairs are presented or arranged. It does not actually matter how much the furnishings cost. What matters most is whether they match the interior in terms of color and style, and that they are comfortable.

Customers won’t care if your furnishings are made of oak, maple or rosewood. But it is crucial to make your furnishings complement your brand. If your customers appreciate the restaurant theme, and you provide the type of furnishings which promote relaxation, they will linger.

Lighting Creates a Unique Atmosphere

Lighting is also a crucial part of your restaurant’s interior design. It helps create an atmosphere for every table, which you would want to do because every table is paying for their own unique experience. Bad lighting will hamper the effectiveness of other design elements no matter how expensive your investment in them has been.

Strive to open up the space to allow as much natural light as possible, especially if the windows lead to a stunning garden view. But if your dining establishment is in an urban area, imbue the ambiance with artificial hues mimicking the setting sun. Create an intimate setting instead of going for bright, unnatural lights.

Restaurant ambiance can affect perceptions of reliability and responsiveness, how much customers eat and spend, and how long they will stay in your restaurant. As a restaurant owner, you must set the right kind of atmosphere so your customers get to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience — something they would want to come back to again and again.


Shane Curran, CEO at Interact Group LLC which is a design-led interior fit out company that aims to set new standards in the UAE interiors market. Driven by their dedication to total customer experience, the company’s mission is to bring truly specialized teams to complex design and fit out challenges, utilizing their unmatched ability to deliver spaces efficiently and above expectation.

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