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Home Staging Guide – Infographic

Selling your property is a stressful time; as the vendor, you want the property to garner high interest from the moment that it lists for sale but ultimately of course, you want it to gain the highest possible sale amount.

Ensuring that it is presentable and shown to the market in the best light possible is ultimately your responsibility and it’s important to remember that. If you haven’t put a property up for sale before, that can of course be quite daunting as you might not know where to begin this work. 

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It’s important to view your property from a neutral perspective in order to see what needs to be done. Wear and tear like shabby walls might need a new coat of paint or the property might need an in-depth clean to bring it back to life. All of these things are low-cost and can be done quite quickly but will make an impact to the overall presentation of the property when it’s on sale to the public. 

There is a separate preparation required in relation to the staging of the property for photographs; this means that beds should be made, the house should be cleared of clutter and you could even go so far as to set the dining table as though you’re expecting guests. These elements will be vital to ensure impactful photographs in the listing. When there is a viewing of the property, it’s important to once again aim high for presentation. This could mean turning on lights in all rooms and maybe opening some windows to ensure clean, fresh air ventilates the house. 

The guys at EZ Living have put together this infographic below that outlines what you need to know about staging a property for the purposes of getting the highest offer possible. Check out the infographic below; it includes facts about property sales in general; it breaks down how you should approach the staging of a house room by room; it provides general tips about staging and it also gives some expert advice in the area. Check out the full graphic below.  

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