Home Security System You Can Install Yourself

With so many options for hi-tech security systems, you wouldn’t know where to start. Do you get the more traditional ones, with the camera and alarm systems that can capture anything that happens in and around your home at all times? Or will you opt for the more advanced kinds with motion-detection and temperature sensors? All of such options are good, but what might be a dealbreaker will be installing it. Naturally, you’d want to install any home security system you purchase yourself so that you won’t have to spend more money. These technologically advanced security systems already cost quite substantial amounts, what more when you hire someone else to install them into your home?

Fortunately, there are such products that are easy to work with and are made to be DIY! Here are some of them.

Adobe Essentials Starter Kit

As the name suggests, this Adobe Essential Starter Kit is for those who want to set up a first-class security system all by themselves. Made up of small but highly effective and innovative features, most, if not all of what this security system comprises of are easy enough to install. Its general motion sensor can be attached to any wall or the ceiling, their small cameras produce HD footage and imagery, and door and window sensor will instantly notify you of anything strange presence that’s lurking within the area. Best of all, these gadgets can be connected to your phone with a nifty app so you can check in on your home wherever you may be.

Honeywell Home Security System

Want a security system that you can communicate with? Get the Honeywell Home Security System. Its base station is an Alexa speaker with which you can order around to keep you safer and more secure in your home. Once it detects an intruder or any strange occurrence in and around your home, this technological bodyguard of sorts will instantly tell you what’s going on. In fact, the base station itself has a built-in camera, making it more difficult for any criminal to try to sneak into your home undetected. And with the help of Bluetooth technology, the same goes for the other cameras that you can connect with this home security system!

Nest Labs Secure

Stay secure by installing the Nest Labs Secure Security System in your house. Firstly, it’s practically one of the easiest systems to work with. Arming and disarming them will be a breeze since most of its features are equipped with key fobs. Second, with its sleek design and compact size, you can hide it from plain sight. It’s important to note that criminals have become much smarter nowadays. Many of them anticipate home security systems and are likely to destroy ones that they’ll see. With Nest Labs Secure, they’ll have a difficult time trying to find the camera or motion detector, and the moment they do, you would have already called the police!

Ooma Home Security Starter Kit

The Ooma Home Security Starter Kit is mostly for small homes and apartments, which make them easier to install. This system includes all sorts of HD cameras, motion detectors, and leak sensors that will instantly notify your phone, through an app, of what’s going on in your house. Perhaps the best and niftiest part about it is that it can automatically route your phone into calling 911 the moment it detects and strange presence or occurrence. At times, even notified of something happening in their homes, people tend to panic and not know what to do. The Ooma Home Security Starter Kit immediately tells you to notify the police that something strange is happening in your home!

SimpliSafe Home Security System

Finally, the SimpliSafe Home Security System is one of the most complete kits in this list. Not only is it easy to install, but it features a whole host of sensors and detectors that will instantly tell you if there’s something you need to see what’s going on in your home. For one thing, this system has its own smoke detector, which is perfect for promoting fire safety within your property. The motion detector is also top-notch—able to sense any movement happening even from a considerable distance. And its smart locks will automatically prevent anyone from gaining any access to your home without your permission.

There’s no end to making your home safe and secure with these starter kits and security systems. And the best part? You can install each and every one of them on your own!

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Tonie Ong is a freelance writer of many beats. This includes lifestyle, technology, travel, and many more. Currently, he’s a contributing writer for OHMTechnologies Canada, taking on subjects such as home security and fire safety.

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