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Home Improvement: Four Nifty Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

“Design is not making beauty; beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, and love.” –Louis Kahn

A home’s interior design is crucial to its personality in such a way that it should tell a unique story to every visitor that comes by and visits. In this regard, homeowners should pay apt attention to the various details and decor they incorporate into their homes. To be effective, interior design should not only be considered as an aesthetic and be visually appealing, but it should have functionality as well. After all, what good would your state-of-the-art interiors be if you cannot even utilize them for what they were meant to be used as. All this would only be contrary to your purpose and your design endeavors would be all for naught. So, with this in mind, it is best to design with functionality in primary consideration and aesthetics second.

However, when you are living in a small space, you might be constrained to limited design options and might even be compelled to make certain design compromises. Fret not; however, as there are nifty and ingenious ways to design even the smallest of spaces—all you would need is to think out of the box. So, if you feel like your flat in avida Cebu is rather small, here are some ways you can improve the overall design without feeling too cramped:

Clever Kitchen Storage

Instead of having kitchen cupboards, try something a little less stuffy and eye-catching in a small house by utilizing open and organized storage shelves. Kitchen cupboards, albeit serving a useful purpose, can take up so much space in a little area. An excellent way to do this is to separate the kitchen from the dining area but keeping the entire space open enough to allow air to come in and out. Utilize a diminutive wall divider and you can effectively give even a diminutive kitchen the façade of being two separate rooms. Incorporate glass shelves to store and display ornate glassware or pretty items.


Home office nooks

Small spaces can be tricky in such a way that you are not left with much room for integrating a home office. In this regard, ensure that there is no extra space unused in your bedroom—particularly if you are rather tight on space. Conveniently station your work desk between two small closets in order to have a simple but functional workstation. If you wish to add more flair and functionality into the design, add shelves just right above the desk where you can showcase books and some little art statuettes. As the desk is built into the wall, it would take little to no room and would still leave an open bath in the bedroom.

Bathroom storage

Small bathrooms tend to have narrow walls, but instead of seeing that as a deterrent, it can actually be a design opportunity. The narrow wall shelves of your bathroom would make an excellent storage site for your bathroom essentials. Display it stylishly by using attractive canisters to hold everything from cotton balls, swabs, lotions and scents. However, unsightly toiletries such as toilet paper should be tucked underneath the vanity table. To double up your storage options, invest in wicker baskets which can also be placed on the shelves for a concealed storage.

Multipurpose space

When you are running low on space, it is inevitable to have a designated area in your home that would serve a dual function. With this in consideration , your home office and guest room should inhabit the same space. To ensure that the room does not feel too cramped and stuffy, use the walls to your advantage. Create a simple desk that can function as a work station and add shelves above it for storage. To maximize the available space, connect a concealed Murphy bed to the desk that can easily be pulled out should you have any guests over. In this way, your multipurpose room can function as an office by day and a spare room for any occasional guests you might have during the night.

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