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Home Improvement Designs and Ideas for People Who Love Hosting Outdoor Parties

It’s nice to spend time outside, most especially during spring or summer. You can enjoy feeling the cool breeze on your skin and marvelling at the beautiful backdrop of the city lights or refreshing greeneries. It’s even more enjoyable to eat or party outdoors with your closest and dearest friends, families and colleagues.

If you’re planning on inviting your neighbours, colleagues, and friends to barbecues and other kinds of outdoor celebrations this year, you must first work on creating a nice outdoor space.

There should be enough space for all your guests in your outdoor area so your living room and dining room won’t get cramped.

Here are the best ways you can improve the available free space outside your home:

Upgrade your patio with concrete pavers

Improve your barren backyard by adding concrete pavers. Because pouring concrete is both costly and complicated, a lot of homeowners prefer installing concrete pavers.

You don’t need to hire a professional to install the patio pavers. You can handle this task on your own.

Start by cleaning the area and spreading crushed concrete. Fill the space with the crushed concrete and ensure that the layer is roughly two inches thick.

Then, you can screed the sand and aggregate. If you’re working in a large area, you must work in small sections. After you screed the area, you can start laying the pavers piece by piece.

You have to avoid creating too much space between the pavers. If you have to cut pavers to fill corners or edges, you must be extra careful in taking the measurements.

Create a cosy lounge

Creating a lounge area is a great and simple way to utilise free space on your porch, backyard or rooftop. You only need to use a few items such as outdoor wicker furniture, rugs, umbrella and textile. You can also add an open cabinet where you can place colourful potted plants.

Mix and match the colours of the items you use to achieve an organised and harmonious look. Also, make sure to maintain your furnishings and decors so you can use them for a longer time. Take note of the special cleaning and maintenance trick you need for your rattan furniture so you don’t damage the material.

Encourage outdoor dining

Plenty of homeowners today want to have an outdoor dining space. You can easily convert an open space in your backyard into a comfy dining area by adding a steady table, a few chairs, and pretty table linen.

To shield your guests from the hot rays of the sun, you can add an outdoor umbrella or build a gazebo or pergola.

You may also try growing flower arches if you want to wow the crowd and have a rustic and charming dining area.

If you want to use your dining area during the late afternoons or at night, make sure to add the proper type of lighting fixture. For example, if you build a gazebo, we recommend using pendant lights or scones. To achieve a romantic and whimsical effect, you can add pixie lights.

Go the extra mile by building an outdoor kitchen

Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you have an outdoor kitchen where you can prepare the dishes for the party? It will simplify your cooking task and minimise the risk of accidents caused by walking back and forth from the kitchen to the outdoor dining area.

outdoor kitchen

It won’t cost you a fortune to build an outdoor kitchen. You can start with a simple setup that includes a kitchen sink, a small working station, a cooking range, an oven and a barbecue grill.

Once you have enough budget for an upgrade, you can install modular cabinets and open shelves. You can also invest in commercial-grade appliances especially if you frequently host outdoor events in your home.

Grow a garden

Growing a garden is one of the best ways you can boost the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces. With a beautiful garden, you can surely wow your guests every time they come to your place for your regular social gatherings.

This simple outdoor improvement idea works both for large and small outdoor spaces. If you have a large backyard, you can create numerous plots and fill them with the beautiful ornamental plants. If you have a limit area to work with, you can grow a vertical garden or a green wall.

It’s crucial for you to choose the right type of plants and dedicate a few hours a day to maintain your garden. It would be best to do your research about which plants you can add to your garden and start fixing your schedule so you can weed your garden beds, trim and prune the plants, and water your plants.

Add a fireplace or fire pit outside your home

What better way for you to enjoy the company of your loved ones and friends than gathering around the fire pit or fireplace sipping ice cold beer at night.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not expensive to set up an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

You can build one on your own with simple materials such as cement and bricks. Take note, however, that you may need to secure special building permits or community clearance if you want a DIY fire pit or fireplace.

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If you don’t want to deal with legalities and other necessary paperwork, you can hire a professional company to build it for you.

Revamp your deck

If you already have an existing deck, you should consider revamping it so you can use it as a reception area for your guest.

One way you can boost the appeal of your deck is to replace the wood panels.

deck revamp

We also recommend adding a retractable canopy to protect your furnishings and deck panels from the damaging effects of the changing weather. You can create a DIY canopy or purchase one from your trusted home improvement shop.

If you’re not too keen on adding a canopy system, you can install a roof or add an outdoor umbrella. This way your guests are well protected from the weather.

If you love inviting guests over the weekend for barbecues and pool parties, you should have a comfy and beautiful outdoor space. The home improvement designs we enumerated above can help you upgrade any size of outdoor space so you can host fun and impressive outdoor parties this coming spring and summer season.

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