Happy Mother’s Day – 2nd Sunday of May

Happy Mother's Day 2017

First of all before starting why and How Mother’s Day is celebrated, Columnyst.com team wishing you a very “Happy Mother’s Day” to all mothers of this earth from the depth of our heart.

Now let’s discuss why and how Mother’s day is celebrated!!!

Mother’s Day is celebrated globally on the 2nd Sunday of the month of May every year to honor the Mother of Family, maternal bonds, motherhood and Influence of Mothers in our society.  Celebration of Mother’s day was started in the Early of 20th Century in United States.

In 1908, this day is first celebrated when Anna Jarvis held a memorial to honor for her Mother and all mothers at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church. It was marking as a first official observance of Mother’s Day. Today this church is known as International Mother’s Day Shrine. Then in consecutive years, Anna held memorial for all mothers and then in 1912, she trademarked the Second Sunday of May month is celebrated as Mother’s Day. So we can say that Anna Jarvis ultimately became the founder of Mother’s day with her great memorial to honor all mothers.

Importance of Mother in our daily Life:

The best ever relationship of a person is with his/her Mother. We can say that Mother is The Mother and the rest is the Other. If you Love, respect, bow to your mother then you don’t need to go any Church, Temples, Masjid, etc. because Mother is another name of God. As per expert philosopher, the God cannot reach to each and every place and with each and every people that’s why God created Mother.

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There is no need of any special day to thank our mother or to love our mother, because the mother give us a birth, give a best life. But today is the day when we can share our feelings towards our mother. Our mother is the only person who does so much struggle to make us the happiest. She always try to fulfill her children’s dreams. The “mother” is the best gift given by god to us. There is no way to thank our mother for all what she does for us. Today is the special day or time to say our mom that how much you love your mother and care for her. Mother is the only person who can Role a lot of character like mother, friends, teacher, doctor etc. Wherever we are, she always near to us for support. Many a time she is not with us physically but her love, her blessings and her support always encourage us. She gives us the strength.

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This is the how and why Mother’s day is celebrated. Whatever we described here about mother is nothing with the sacrifice of our mother.  When your head is on mother’s Lap then it’s better than the heaven. So we, columnist.com, request all our readers to Respect mother and make her the happiest. And also give them what she really deserve.

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