family day - May 15

Happy Families’ Day – May 15

International Families’ Day or International day of families is celebrated every year on 15th May. This day was declared by United Nations General Assembly in 1993. UN also reflects the importance of families to the international communities. Families’ day provide opportunities to promote awareness for families’ problems. The ultimate aim of United Nations is how families affects for social, economic and demographic success.

Every year, from 1996, United Nations secretary general makes for this day a particular theme to celebrate. In 2017, theme for families’ day is “Families, Education and Well-Being”.

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Families’ day is a good one for us to remember our family and member of family who just passed away from us. Family means a lot to a person if he/she get a full support. In many highly western cultured countries, families are just for to grow up. Many children who just grow up and step into teen’s life, they never care for families. This would be a terrifying because he/she just want to enjoy his/her life with its own way. Its okay to live your life with your way but you must support your family and just enjoy with family as well.

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Children who don’t care about their families, can understand meaning of family after getting married and even after getting child. So please, be and stay with your family and respect your parents.

In India, family means everything. A person cannot live without family. A person has a lot to mean a family who live far away from family just for job or business purpose. For that, family day is everything. In India, people believe that Sunday is a Family Day. We must pass a full day with our family once a week just because to care for our family member and to get love from them.

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