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Golf Carts: How Do They Work?

A golf cart allows you to take the pleasure of walking up a notch. Since golf is one of the few sports that enables participants to use motorized vehicles as it is considered as part of the game, golf carts became essential for golfers. When you are out of the course, so long as you are doing it right, using a golf cart can be a fun experience.

What is a golf cart and how does it work? Technically, a golf cart is not a cart as it is a small mechanized vehicle that you operate through a gasoline engine or an electric motor. A typical scenario when you are on the golf course is that there are golf carts carrying two players and their golf items.

However, golf carts have other uses. In fact, there are many institutions that are using these carts as they deem cars to be impractical. Golf carts are ideal for carrying people and their supplies as needed. If you see courtesy cars at most airports, these cars have been inspired by golf carts.

There are also communities that consider golf carts as their primary means of transportation. Even when you are out on the golf course, you are not required to use a cart. You can focus on your game because you do not have to carry a bag around. Golf carts also make room for self-expression.

Two types of golf carts

Gasoline Golf Carts-This type of golf cart operates like little cars. They have a small engine and runs on gasoline to power the wheels of the cart. The difference that gasoline-powered golf carts make with a typical cart is the way the engine runs. For regular cars, you need to turn the key to run the engine.

The car will continue to run until you switch off its ignition. For gasoline-powered golf carts, once you step on the gas pedal, the engine will start running. It will only shut off if you take your foot off the gas pedal. This feature helps you to save gas, maintain a quiet course and cut down on emission.

Electric Golf Carts-This type of golf carts powers its electric motor using batteries. To charge the batteries, you need to plug them into the cart’s wall outlet. There are also golf carts that have solar panels to enable battery charging. While golf carts are common in golf courses, these types are plain.

They can usually accommodate two passengers only. These days, golf car rental companies offer golf carts that are capable of accommodating up to 6 passengers. These are known as modified golf carts. They can carry people and also move supplies like luggage or food from one place to another.

Golf Cart Accessories

Another interesting thing about a golf cart is that you can accessorize it. Adding accessories to your golf cart is a good way to personalize it. Most manufactured golf carts do not come with accessories. You have to pay extra for the basic golf cart accessories so you can achieve the functionality you want. If you live in hot areas, you may want to add air conditioning systems or fans. For colder areas, heaters will be one of the accessories to consider.

Regardless of residence, adding rain curtains is a good idea, especially if your golf cart has open cabins. It is also practical to have portable battery chargers as they are ideal for passengers who wish to travel to areas which are far from the source of electricity. Going off-road in your golf cart will also be more fun if you have brush guards as they keep the cart free of dents and scratches. You can also have a radio so you will not get bored. Just make sure that you are keeping the radio down when you are on a golf course.

Accessories for gasoline carts that will increase their performance are also a good idea. If you like your cart to have more ground clearance, you can lift the cart. When adding power to the engine of your cart, do not forget to upgrade the brakes as well. It is also necessary to add some safety features like seat belts.

It is quite interesting to own a golf cart as you can do a lot of things to improve your driving experience.

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