Parents and children's Day - June 1

Global Parents’ Day and International Children’s Day– June 1

Every years on June 1, International Children’s Day and Global Parents Day is celebrated world-wide. But in many country children’s day is celebrated in different dates as its own national day. Let’s discuss about both day in details as below:

Parents and children's Day - June 1

Parents’ Day:

Every year, on June Global Day of Parents is celebrated globally to appreciate and to support all parents of the world for their self-sacrificing vow to their children. Parents always sacrifice his whole life just nurturing relationship towards children. Observation of Global parents’ Day is declared on June 1 by United Nations.

We know very well about the sacrifice of our parents for our life. We must support our parents when they really need us. In many countries, there are lots of Old Age Home developed to support Old parents who are just sent into Old Age homes by Sons. We never estimate the sacrifice of our parents in amounts. Even though some people just believe in money and let their parents to the Old Age homes. Old is such a position of life in which person need the most of the supports form their family members but they can’t get it.

We, the team of, request to our readers and whole world just to stay with your parents and make them always happy and fulfill all their dreams which they can’t just for our life. We believe that parents is the first God of the world for a person. If you can’t have a time to go to Church, Temple or Mosque, you can see your parents and make them happy. It is the happiest moment for our parents. Parents is God and God is parents.

June 1 is also observed as a World Milk Day

Parent’s day is celebrated in many countries on different dates. In USA, it is celebrated on 4th Sunday of July. While in South Korea it is celebrated on May 8. In Philippines, this day is observed on 1st Monday of the month of December every year.

Children’s Day:

In many countries, Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1 every year. But not in all the countries. There are lots of countries which has own national children’s day and they celebrate on specific date nationwide. In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November.

As per the declaration of United Nations, Some well-known countries celebrate Children Day on 20th November every year. The main focus to celebrate this day is to protect the children and support them for education, hobbies, sports and many more activities.

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