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Glass Splashbacks Vs Acrylic Tiles: A Discourse on What to Choose

Splashbacks are a lot more than just some embellishments that help in enhancing your décor. They help to protect your walls, tiles and other areas that can be damaged by the regular exposure and wear and tear.

But when you are thinking of renovating your household and the time comes to choose from the variety of options available, it can often get overwhelming for you.  It can be quite dicey to choose a splashback when there are so many choices. At the time of selecting the right splashback you do not only have to consider the looks but also the functions of the various types of splashbacks.

So which type of splashback should you choose? Should you go for the glass splashbacks in UK or the acrylic or tile splashbacks! Just like any other type of materials in and around the home front, in this case, too, there are advantages and disadvantages to both the types of splashbacks. Here a comparison is made between the two types to help you to choose the right splashback for your space.

Perks of Acrylic Tile Splashbacks

  • Traditional Looks – Acrylic tiles are a great option if you are looking for traditional look for the kitchen. As these tiles have always been used as splashbacks since time immemorial, they are capable for providing the old-school feel. That is why a country kitchen will feel great with this type of splashback.
  • Sizing Availability – Glass splashbacks can sometimes come in sizes that are not suitable for your kitchen. It may be impossible to cut the glass splashback, too, for suiting your space. But the acrylic tiles can be easily cut to go with your interiors. You may not even need to cut the tile for the apt size.
  • Pocket-friendly – Cost happens to be one of the major reasons why people still opt for acrylic splashbacks. Glass can be a bit expensive depending on the dimension that you choose. Acrylic tiles are a lot more cost-effective and can also be bought from warehouse as “seconds”.
  • Variety of Textures and Patterns – The acrylic tiles have a huge amount of textures and colours that you can choose from. On the contrary, the glass splashbacks do not do not have a huge range of texture and colours and so your search may get limited here.

Perks of Glass Splashbacks

  • Contemporary Modern Looks – Glass Splashbacks have modern looks. They are great for the cooking areas as well as the entire kitchen and other areas. Irrespective of how you decorate your space, glass splashbacks can provide a modern look for your kitchen.
  • Brighter Ambience – Glass can offer the feel of brighter looks in your interiors. As the light reflects on the glass, a brighter ambience is created when you opt for glass splashbacks. Since there are usually no joints with the glass splashbacks, you can achieve a free-flowing look that is not possible with tiles.
  • Easy Maintenance – As there is no grout, the glass splashbacks are much easier to clean. By using a simple glass cleaner, you can do away with any stain quickly and easily.
  • Matches Your Kitchen – You may find a matching glass splashback to go with the benchtop that you have just chosen. This will be simpler if you are opting for a splashback that is dark in colour. The bamboo or wooden style benchtops will go best with the acrylic splashbacks as there are more options.

The above are some of the major features and differences between acrylic and glass splashback uk. On the basis of your needs you should choose the most apt splashbacks that will both accentuate your interiors and also enhance the functionality of your space.


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