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Why My Garage Door Springs Break? I Need Reasons Now!

Do you know that the springs are the main parts of a garage door system because they are responsible for garage door opening and closing? So, just think that what happens when it breaks. Definitely, the whole garage door system will stop functioning properly and may cause life-threatening damages to you and your family sometimes. It can be prevented if you are very well aware of the reasons for springs break. Let’s have a look at them:

Everyday Wear & Tear: A Common Reason

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This is the biggest reason for the failure of a garage door spring. Generally, the life cycle of a spring is 10,000 – 1 cycle = a garage door lifting up and shutting down. Consider that your park your car in a garage and get off from it when you are going to an office in morning means there are two cycles of torsion springs. If your spouse also uses the same garage to park the car or your children open & close it for any purpose, those cycles are also added and so, the wear and tear happen 3-5 times higher than you think and this decreases the lifespan of a garage door. So, do not follow the general rule about the life cycle; make your own rule on the basis of how many times you or your family open and close the garage door in a day.

Rust – A small issue but can create numerous problems to springs.

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Rust can shorten the lifespan of springs because it increases the friction on a coil at the time of a garage door move on the top. As we know that smoothness matters for the garage door springs system so, there is no room for the friction. To avoid the friction, use the WD-40 lubrication 3-4 times in a year to keep it working smoothly & prevent the rust buildup.


Extensive Pressure – Sometimes Happen

This is related to the extension springs. Yes, sometimes the extension spring doesn’t break out but the “stretch out”. It can be clearly seen as the space between coils when a door is in a closed position. In such situation, you have only option to replace it.

Cheaper is costlier

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Yes, it is true for the garage door springs system. Do not buy cheap torsion springs; you will end up by paying much more for repairing and replacing. Always use two torsion springs; one spring has a shortened the lifespan and will be broken suddenly and cause big damages to you.

Improper Maintenance:

Everything requires maintenance either little or huge. As you have seen that the common reason for garage door spring failure is ‘everyday wear and tear’; but with the proper maintenance, you can prolong the lifespan. Maintenance checklist is:

  • Spraying WD-40 3-4 times a year
  • Check the garage door balance
  • Visual inspection of a garage door springs

So these above the reasons for garage door springs failure. If you found any of the above; you should call the garage door professionals to fix the problem and make it again in working position.


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