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Few Signs That Indicate the Need of Repairing the Brakes of Your Vehicle.

The brake system of the vehicles requires a regular inspection in order to detect the minor faults as they can lead to the major damage which will prove to be expensive. Some wrong driving habits also create trouble. Careful driving keeps all the systems of the vehicles well-balanced. If the vehicles are not balanced it puts unnecessary pressure on the brakes resulting in wearing out faster.

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Here are the details about some signs which indicate something is wrong with the brake system.

  1. The Warning Light of The Brake Is Activated: This is an indication of something is wrong with the system. Therefore, whenever you get this sign, get the car inspected by the trained technician at the earliest. Repair or replace the damaged part and after that follow the routine of regular inspections and maintenance.
  2. Brakes Are Making Grinding or Screeching Noise: If you hear any grinding or screeching noise when you apply the brakes; it’s time for inspecting the system. The pads may have started to get damaged and need a replacement. In some of the cases, the screeching noises are due to the absence of gasket between pad and piston. This also causes the vibrations. In such cases, it is necessary to replace the pads as soon as possible, to prevent other parts from getting damaged. If the gasket is missing, then the technician can simply fit in new one.
  3. Brake Pedal is Responding Slowly: Even though the brakes still work, they take longer to respond and generate less braking power. You may have to press them down past in order to get the results. If you have to press the pedal down to the floor, it indicates that the vehicle has no braking power. The pads may have completely damaged and are not able to stop the car or the fluid is in very less quantity to create sufficient pressure. It is also possible that the power boost unit or master cylinder has failed. In such situations, pads are replaced; the fluid is tested for contamination or even replaced. If the boost unit is failed, then it is also replaced, and the failed cylinder is replaced as well.
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  4. If the Pedal is Too Firm: If it suddenly feels difficult to apply the brakes and the pedal is hard to press, it is an indication of leakage in vacuum brake booster system. There may be an obstacle causing circulation of fluid throughout the system. In this situation, reach out to the mechanic quickly and repair the leakage. You may also need to replace the boost system. The mechanic will check the line and repair it accordingly.
  5. Brakes Make Clunking Noise: This is an indication of something being loose in the system, maybe bolts holding the brakes together and attaching them to suspension. It can also be a sign of breaking of the suspension. In this condition, it is important to fix the bolt or replace the worn-out component immediately.
  6. Brake Pedal is Vibrating When Brakes Are Applied: The pedal vibrates during the sudden and hard stop as a part of the anti-lock braking function. Other vibrations in pedal or steering wheel during braking indicate a problem. This can be due to the friction between metals or brake rotors may have worn out. In this situation, it is necessary to replace damaged parts. It is also recommended to check the alignment and get it corrected by the mechanic.

These are few signs which indicate the problem in brakes. Apart from this, if you feel your vehicle drifting towards one side during braking or sense a burning smell near tire, immediately get the braking system inspected with the skilled mechanic. After all, prevention is always better than treatment.

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