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Explore the Vivid Shades of Southeast Asia

No other region or continent of the world holds as much diversity as Asia has in its lap. From the cold, dry lands of Mongolia to the hot and arid deserts of India, from the mighty Himalayas to the fathomless water of Indian Ocean, Asia is the most exotic world you can ever visit. But when you are planning a trip to Asia, you would realize that it is impossible to cover the Complete Landmass In Just One Trip. This is the moment when you plan a trip to Southeast Asia that is the home of countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, China, Japan and several others. All these nations share their boundaries with one or the other, but have a completely different culture and lifestyle. And that is why there has been a staggering rise in the number of backpackers after 1970s and the numbers are simply increasing every year.

Initiating the trip from the fun and frolic Thailand, exploring the forest trails of Cambodia, praying with the monks in Vietnam and discovering the ancient majesty in Angkor Wat, a trip to Southeast Asia not only fulfills your craving for adventure, but also provides you the best culinary and cultural experience of your life. But if you want to have the best of this trip, you need to plan ahead and highlight the places where you want to visit and the activities that you want to do. And this is the motive of this guide where we are going to discuss the best places to visit, adventure activities to do and different things to try while you are backpacking through the tranquil lands of Southeast Asia. So, let’s get started.

  1. Discover the Beautiful Bangkok
    south asia 1Bangkok is the party place and the major hub of travel activity of Southeast Asia. Being the capital city of Thailand, this place is a beautiful mix of the ancient temples and modern day shopping malls and clubs. While you are in Bangkok, get on your feet and explore the streets of this city and you would find some of the best street foods, surprisingly cheap shopping deals and a nightlife that would make you fall in love with this city.
  2. Be a Part of The Full Moon Partysouth asia 2If you and your companions are party animals, then don’t forget to attend the Full Moon Party of Kho Phangan Island in Thailand. It is the birth place of the full moon parties where approx 30,000 people get together at every full moon and dance till the dawn. Get a bit tipsy, cover yourself in night glow paints and party like never before.
  3. Explore the Temples Like Never Before
    south asia 3While Exploring Southeast Asia, you would be overloaded with almost everything; be it food , drinking, culture or temples. Yeah, if you are a history buff or love ancient relics, then SE Asia is simply a paradise for you. Beautiful ancient temples with amazing structures and carvings are always a stone’s throw away when you are in Southeast Asia. And the most wonderful feature is that every region has their own architecture and structures when it comes to temples.
  4. Summit the Indonesian Volcano:
    south asia 4It is only Asia, where you get to summit a volcano. When you are hitchhiking through Java, don’t forget to summit the volcano of Mount Bromo and its national park, which is one of the most visited tourist attractions of all times. Hike the steep highland and get a click of the smoldering volcano that is surrounded by the Sea of Sand. In case if you are lucky to visit Java in mid-August, then you would get to witness Upacara Kasodo, the monthly ritual.
  5. Sun Bathe While Relaxing on the Tropical Islands
    south asia 5Southeast Asia is the home of some of the most stunning beaches of the world. You won’t find such a vast number of beaches anywhere else in the world. And when you are tired exploring the ancient ruins or mesmerizing cities of SE Asia, take a day away and sunbathe on one of the beaches. Some of the best beaches are Rabbit Island in Cambodia, Ko Lanta in Thailand, Ko Chang in Thailand and Ko Tarutao National Park in Thailand.
  6. Spend a Day in Ho Chi Minh City
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    If you want to see the personification of Southeast Asia in the form of a city, then no other place can beat Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. It is chaotic, crazy and frantic, but once you mingle with the surroundings, you would feel a completely different sense of peace. This city would make you wonder how this ever increasing numbers of human beings, animals and cars work together.With that being said, Southeast Asia is itself a pretty vast land mass of various islands and countries and it is difficult to cover it in one single trip. Well, that is one of the biggest reasons along with the sheer beauty of the people that forces people to come back again and again.

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