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Busting 7 Myths about Adult Circumcision

As an adult man, can you go through the circumcision surgery, regardless of your age? Yes, you can! Nevertheless, this isn’t always a decision that’s easy to make. When it comes to making the choice to undergo the adult circumcision surgery, this is a complicated topic. This is mainly because of the amount of misinformation that floats around in the online community and within societies. Eventually, it incites confusion and fear.

Sure, the decision to go through the procedure would raise the fears you have, but if you plan to opt for the surgery, it is important that you equip yourself with all the facts and myths, rather than sticking to the baseless rumors.

If you are an uncircumcised adult now ready for the surgery, to help you receive the “real scoop” on circumcision in adult men, here’s a complete rundown on some of the most common myths that hurl around the sensitive topic.

  1. Adults Feel More Pain Compared to Infant Circumcision
    So many adult men hold on to the belief that opting for circumcision as an adult is a lot more painful compared to infant circumcision. Whether you are an adult or an infant, during the Circumcision Center procedure, your surgeon will always use anesthesia. Your surgeon will administer a strong and powerful anesthetic to make sure the procedure is painless and safe.
  2. The Recovery Period is Difficult and Lengthy
    You may wonder how long it actually takes the penis to heal post-circumcision. This time is not as long as you may be wondering. At most, you will end up missing three working days, skipping the surgery day. In fact, it is advisable that you consider undergoing the procedure on a Friday; this should ensure that you return to work on Monday morning. The healing time varies in adults. For some this takes about two weeks, for others, between 3-4 weeks, depending on how they care for the incisions.
  3. Adult Circumcision is Possible under General Anesthesia Only
    No, when you are an adult, opting for circumcision will not require you the need for general anesthesia. It is possible to perform painless circumcision using just local anesthetics, meaning fewer risks and lower costs for the patient. In general, when you visit your surgeon before the procedure, he or she will first guide you about the various types of adult circumcision anesthesia. They would also guide you about how local anesthesia works and details about the procedure.
  4. The Procedure is Expensive
    You may ask, how much does the surgery cost? The adult circumcision cost usually varies. Some insurance plans may not also cover the adult circumcision plans. However, since general anesthesia is not a requirement for this procedure, the price for the surgery is often not as high as you think. In fact, adult circumcision in some clinics costs as low as $1,600, a small price to pay for a lifetime of fewer health risks and better self-esteem.
  5. It’s not possible to Repair Problems with Infant Circumcision When You Are an Adult
    Well, this is not true. In adult circumcision, revisions are quite common and often men request revision procedures since they cause uneven scars, excess removal of the foreskin during the infant surgery, or poor healing. Hence, adult circumcision can also address infant circumcision problems when you are an adult going through the procedure.
  6. Adult Circumcision Results in Decreased Sensitivity
    A common misconception that men have regarding the adult circumcision procedure is whether it will have an effect on their intimate relations and sensitivity. Does it affect sensitivity and will you lose it? Although some people will say that circumcision reduces pleasure, some studies show the opposite. Some circumcised men also report an increase in their intimate relationship, measured by the sensitivity of their penis, sex drive, ejaculatory function and the response their female partners have regarding the circumcised penis appearance.
  7. Uncircumcised Men are Prone to More Infections
    Actually, this is quite the opposite. Penises that have an excess foreskin or uncircumcised ones are less prone to infections. Eventually, at a certain age, men do not opt through any form of problem with their foreskin. However, due to lack of proper care, accumulation of bacteria is a problem that most men face. This results in infections and the need to depend on medications or antibiotics to heal.

Should You Consider Circumcision?

The decision to go through circumcision is an elective one, and never as easy as you may think, especially when it’s such a sensitive area, playing an essential role in male identity and reproduction. If you are planning to go through adult circumcision, it is best that you consult specialists who have years of experience performing circumcisions. They can help you clear any form of misconceptions you have and they can help you make the right decision.

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