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Black is Back: How to Use It in Your House

We all know in this sleek, modern world, styles are always changing. If you keep up on the design world, you may have noticed you’re seeing quite a lot of a particular color— black.

Black is making a real comeback from flooring to accent walls to home décor.

“Interior designers are now taking an entirely new approach to color in design,” affirms Kelly Wallman, the Founder of San Francisco Design, when looking at Black in Modern Interior Design. “From lighting fixtures and wall trim to painting entire walls, black might be our favorite color of the moment. The best part is that you can add black to just about any room without it clashing with your current style.”

There is no one-size-fits-all with black. If modernism or minimalism has your attention, you may enjoy the contrast that black brings your space. You can add this color to create a romantic, modern, rustic, elegant, or artistic element to your room. It all depends on how you integrate it into your style! With as universal as black is, the possibilities are endless.

Black Accents

We have all heard someone say that adding dark color to your walls can appear to shrink the size of your room. But what if it is just one accent wall? Don’t be afraid to open a can of paint and darken up one wall.

You can then use other colors to balance it out like using pops of gold or white. If you don’t go overboard with the black and use it to break up the monotony, it will make any area take on a pleasing aesthetic.

If you don’t want to take the plunge to dedicate a whole wall to black, try frames! You put up a collection of photos in a sporadic fashion with black frames on a singular wall. If you don’t want to use photos, you can use a collection of hanging black bookshelves or even black-framed mirrors.

Putting down a patterned rug that is geometrical in fashion can help to sew together the variety of colors you are using in your room. You can also repaint your coffee table, end tables or accent tables to spruce things up.

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Knobs, Lights & Throws, Oh My!

You may not even realize how something as small as changing out the knobs on your cabinets can totally transform a room. If you have light-colored cabinets or drawers, you can replace your drab knobs with black ones to add some dimension.

If you switch it up by tossing a black, plush throw over a chair or sofa. Set up a black end table lamp. Change out your old silver light fixtures for black ones.

Just making even the smallest changes by incorporating black can change the whole mood of a room. It will feel brand new!

Tips for Decorating with Black

  • Depending on the style you are going for, you can energize your space. Add a bold color like hot pink for a fun splash. Add in a gorgeous gold to add a sophisticated zeal. Add in white to include the extremes of the color spectrum for a modern feel. You can even dare to add in brown leather to give it a masculine, classy approach.
  • Do not think of black as your base. It shouldn’t be overused in a way that makes the area seem flat or drab. Think of it as a daring addition to transmute an otherwise boring space into a unique one!
  • If you use black for all your walls in one room, be sure to use other colors and décor to contrast the black. You can put up shiny pieces like metallic valances, golden lamps or silver mirrors. You can make the rest of your décor bright and airy. Just be sure to not over-do it!

Black Brings It All Together

One thing we’ve learned about black when it comes to our wardrobe is, black goes with virtually anything. Same goes for your décor.

You can throw in small amounts or more drastic amounts to put together a look unlike any other. Black can be used to unify or separate the different elements depending on your intention.

Don’t be afraid to use black! It can give your space the punch it needs to zest things up!

Author Bio:

Richard Overmyer a copywriter and outreach specialist for San Francisco Design, an interior design firm and luxury furniture retailer in Salt Lake City. He enjoys talking about the latest trends in interior design and is a big fan of shiplap. When not writing, you can find Richard in the mountains, looking for his next piece of inspiration. 

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