Basics Tips To Follow While Painting Adelaide

Painters Adelaide

Certain important tips to follow while Painting Adelaide

A house is the biggest asset for anyone and it’s just a matter of some time when you need to realize that it needs some renovation, not because it’s old, but maybe because it needs Painting Adelaide.

Repainting the house is a very tricky business. Some people depend on the professional firms for doing this job.


There are different types of paints available in the market. Some are meant to offer surface finish while others are meant for some particular application. Selecting the right paint type can be confusing. But, once you’ve projected the theme for your house and the finis you are looking for your house, it would become very easy.

There’re two main bases of the paint for the house- solvent based and water based. The oil based paints dry slowly generally taking about 24 hours.

There’re various varieties of paints which are either water based or solvent based which produce different finishes which is measured by the sheen factor.

Different types of paint

There are different types of paints available in the market. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. A glossy paint is very easy to be cleaned and resists the scuffs better. This is perfect for the rooms which are used constantly. Most of the gloss paints are recommended the best to be used on the baseboards, woodwork’s, walls of the bathroom and kitchen. The downside of employing gloss paints is noticeable imperfections on the surface of the wall.
  2. High gloss paint for Painting Adelaide is reflective and also works very well in highlighting the details like decorative molding and trimming. They are very good for the cabinets and doors.
  3. Semi-gloss paints are quite similar to the gloss paints but they have lesser sheen. The semi-gloss paint is suitable for the rooms which have high humidity and maybe used for the living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, dens, etc. It can also be washed, so there is absolutely no need to worry.
  4. The eggshell paints offer a low sheen as well as smooth finish. Thus, they are perfect for the dining rooms, living rooms, dens and bedrooms. It’s washable and thus suitable for the hallways, bedrooms, offices, etc.
  5. The satin paints provide a very good combination of moderate sheen and easy cleaning. They go a step ahead of the eggshell due to their scrubbing ability. They perform and also look good.

It’s also very important to use a primer before conducting the process of Painting Adelaide. It helps the paint in adhering to surface by offering a uniform appearance. It’s a necessity to employ the primer in case you’re painting over bare wood, new wood, etc.


There are certain basics of Painting Adelaide which needs to be followed. It would help in conducting the process in the best way possible.

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