Level up living space

8 Ways to Level Up Your Living Space

Living in a condo? Or somewhere along the Metro or in the province? Wherever you are staying right now, you probably thinking about how you can level up or improve your house. Interior, exterior or other aspects of decoration – there are tons of things you can do! For this short blog, we listed eight ways which you can consider doing:

Repaint your place the way you want

The first step for you to personalize and level up the game in improving your home merely is by repainting it the way you want. Whatever design or style of painting you think best fits your place, go ahead and do so! But of course, I hope you continue to abide by some simple rules of complementing colors. About the color choices, it is your call. So what if you don’t care about the color of the year?

Maximize natural lighting

Another simple tip for you to make your place in the condo near Makati a lot better is by maximizing the natural lighting. Identify the spots in your unit where the sun or city lights gleam. As much as possible, utilize them by highlighting those areas or putting fewer things there to let the light come in. On the other hand, if you’re not lucky enough to have such, invest in appropriate lighting materials or lamps.

Hang mirrors – many of them

Aside from checking how you look like, mirrors kind of create an illusion that you have more space with your given area. If you follow feng shui rules, that’s fine to follow it. Regardless of the feng shui instructions and whatnot, see where these mirrors can best supplement your place. Kitchen, dining area, and bathroom are given, but maybe you can also explore hanging some mid-frame to full-frame mirrors somewhere in your reception area and bedrooms.

Leave some space for houseplants

Having some greens inside your house is pretty nice. Aside from it adds up some life and good vibes to your place, it also has excellent health effects. I believe we do not need to elaborate that further as the benefits depend on what type of houseplant you are getting. Nevertheless, I bet we can agree that it a must for us to leave some space for these creatures. You don’t need to put big plants, small herbs or flowers can do.

Arrange and stock your things properly

Nothing more makes a house look better by arranging and stocking things neatly. You may have excellent architecture or built of the house itself, but if the things inside it are screaming riot, would it be a little useless? Surprise yourself and your visitors by having a clean place. Do not hoard unnecessary stuff! For goodness sake, know which are the things you need. Enough with impulsive buying and unreasonable hoarding. Also, see where you are putting your materials – cleaning, sweeping, cooking, bathing, etc.

Don’t forget to do regular cleaning

Speaking of maintaining a neat place, we should never forget to do our regular cleaning. Giving at least an hour or two per week, or maybe after every two weeks is good. You don’t need to flip your house 360 degrees to say that you thoroughly cleaned it. As the owner, you probably know which specific areas need extensive cleaning. Allot an ample time to maintain the cleanliness of your place. This is not just for aesthetics but also for your health.

Use space-saver furniture

Another way for you to level up your living space is by literally freeing more space in your house. How can you do that? Aside from fixing how you arrange and stock your materials, you can also use space-saver furniture. There are lots of these available in the market, and you can also do it yourself. Why not save money by using your resources and labor while you also save space in your house?

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Add pebbles and stones in your bathroom

I have seen pebbles on the bathroom floor in one of a hidden restaurant in Vigan City. It is pretty nice and cool! It adds more comfortable and natural vibes to your lavatory. Stepping on it also feels good. Though I am not quite sure how it affects its cleanliness I guess as long as you have drainage beneath it and wash it, it’s okay.

There you go! Show us how you did some or all of the tips listed above. If not, let us know your ways how you beautify your house. All of us can learn a thing or two from one another.

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