7 Essentials You Need to Start DIY Home Renovation

Home renovation can be a tedious task but throw in the DIY fun and you are going to love redoing your home. As DIY is on the rise, why let home renovation be in someone else’s hands, pick up those tools and strike that hammer right into the wall. Take it slow, one step each day and you’ll marvel at your own skills.

There can be nothing more rejuvenating than giving your own place a new face. Though it might seem like a task at first once you’re done with it you are sure to feel the magic around you. But to accomplish such goals, you need to first go to the nearest tools shop and get yourself the essentials of any DIY project. Also, don’t forget to gift yourself a backpack tool bag to hold all these together in one place.

DIY Tools

Here’s the list of most used tools for DIY:

Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

Any great project starts with perfect measurements and for that, you need a measuring tape. Correct measurement is the key to a well-implemented project. The best pick would be the lock and retract version of the Tape measure. It is one of the most durable tape measures available in the market. The feature of locking and retracting is most useful as it allows you to lock it at one end and measure and note the length easily without any hassles.

This is no doubt that this is one of the most used tools in DIY and otherwise.



Your DIY project won’t go far without the help of some nails and a good hammer to strike those nails. One cannot do without a robust hammer that’s durable enough to last almost a few years. It is an investment worth making if you are onto DIY home renovation. While buying this multi-utility tool, keep in mind to buy the one with a claw on the opposite side of the head. It will help you to claw out the unnecessary nails also.



A very helpful tool when your project asks you to deal with nuts and bolts. To tighten and loosen them easily, a wrench is something that comes in handy. Not a very technical tool but it can take some time for you to grasp its quick usage. Just consider a good comfortable handle while buying it for the first time. And it would be great if you can find yourself an adjustable wrench. It will increase its worth many times.

Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

When it comes to drilling holes through hard materials or hanging heavy objects, the one tool that comes to everyone’s mind is the Drilling machine. Though these come in various sizes, the power drills are the most opted versions. But some might find these powerful options, so you can opt for a cordless drill too. It will help you with the outdoor garden decor too as the plug won’t be required to operate this.



Pliers come in handy when there are some twisting and turning involved. Planning to get your hands into some stuff with wires, get hold of those pliers. Make sure that the pliers you buy have comfortable and sturdy handles. And guess what, they can also be used to loosen a few stubborn nuts if required. There are a variety of pliers for you to choose from according to your requirements.

Step Ladder

Step ladder

When you’re about to start a DIY home project, you know there will be a need for something for the heightened places. For these, you can either depend upon chairs or stools but the best choice would be to pick up a ladder for easy and stable reach. To avoid any risks, it is better to invest in a step ladder. It provides you with a stable base and does not let you fall.


Screw Driver

Screwdrivers are another must for almost all of your DIY projects. Don’t forget to get the whole set of them as various sizes come in handy for different uses. Helpful with nuts and screws, these can ease you in many situations of fixing pieces of furniture. Just make sure to get the ones with the sturdy grip.

Now that you are loaded with essential tools and tips, you are all set to go ahead with your DIY home renovation. Apart from the tools, don’t forget to invest in some safety measures too. These include some gloves and safety glasses, to begin with, to prevent yourself from getting hurt while working.

If you find yourself clueless or stuck with the lack of ideas, you can always look up over the Internet or this space for tips and awesome ideas to redo your home. Remember to take, one step at a time and you’ll have a beautiful place worth showing off.

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